What We Can't Wait For At Dreamforce 2017

October 5th, 2017 • 4 min read

Dreamforce - the place we go to reconnect with the Salesforce Ohana. Every year is a new adventure where we learn new things, meet new people, and create new memories with the Salesforce family. We asked our staff what they’re most looking forward to and here are some the events and opportunities that made it to the top of their list.

The best events

Breakout sessions

Of the nearly 1200 breakout sessions, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re brand new to Salesforce or have been working with the platform for years, you’ll be able to learn something. On our agenda? A session about how a healthcare company is using Salesforce to improve patient care and how IBM’s Watson will improve your data insights.

Keynote speaker series

Where else do you get to hear in person the stories and ideas of influential people? Sure, you can watch YouTube videos of Marc Benioff or Ashton Kutcher, but nothing can compare to the energy in the auditorium when these people are on stage.  


Just like the rest of Dreamforce, the Expo is all about learning. This is our chance to dive headfirst into the meet partners and learn about new products and features. Make sure to keep your eye out for all the Salesforce mascots as you walk through the expo!


What family get together would be complete without a big party (or lots of them)? Besides Penrod’s annual karaoke party (you don’t want to miss it - trust us), there are parties hosted by companies, parties for data geeks, newbies, engagement gurus - you name it. You may not be able to attend them all, but you’re sure to make new connections at the ones you can make.

The best speakers

The keynote speakers are a highlight for us. They’re all going to be awesome, but our staff is particularly excited about these four.

Marc Benioff

Of course the founder and CEO of Salesforce tops our list. The guy is a visionary. What started as a dream in the 90s is now the world’s largest CRM platform. Every year, his Dreamforce keynote blows us away.

Ashton Kutcher

How come some people have all the skills? That’s how we feel about Ashton Kutcher. He can act, he can start venture capital firms, he can produce hit TV series, and he can found a nonprofit that helps protects kids from sexual exploitation. We can’t wait to hear what he has to say.

Michelle Obama

Michelle took the role of first lady to new heights. Her passion to change childhood obesity, support our veterans, encourage kids to pursue a college education, and educate girls around the globe changed how our country looks at the role of first lady. She’s a rockstar.

Barbara Bush

Where else do you get to hear from a former first lady and a former first daughter? Barbara and the co-founders of Global Health Corps are on a mission to solve the world’s biggest health challenges. Together they’re empowering Millennials to be a force for change.

The best opportunities


From the keynotes to the breakout sessions to the expo, every event is a learning opportunity. We get excited to learn about new features, what the roadmap is for the platform, and how new technology is changing our world. And of course, being able to nerd out about Salesforce for a whole week is pretty cool too.


There’s no doubt about it - you’ll leave feeling inspired. The people, the energy, the Ohana spirit - we all leave feeling ready to conquer new challenges.


At an event that nearly 200,000 people attend, you’re going to have countless opportunities to build new relationships. We wish we had time to tell the stories of how many people we’ve met at Dreamforce and how we’ve been able to help them and vice versa.

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