How Penrod Helped Curexa Improve Data Management

March 13th, 2018 • 4 min read

In the health and life sciences field, patients are the most important part of the business - taking care of them, providing medication counseling, empowering them to manage their care. But doing that well comes with mountains of data and complex workflow processes.

Curexa, a specialty pharmacy, deals with those high data volumes and complex processes all while providing exceptional patient care on a daily basis.

They serve over 40,000 patients and focus primarily on patients with chronic diseases like Crohn’s Disease, Psoriasis, Hepatitis C, HIV, Psoriatic Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis.

This pharmacy has an experienced patient-centric, multifaceted team that not only provides patients with prescriptions but also offers coverage and reimbursement support.

Insurers have strict prior authorizations requirements for high-touch chronic diseases like the ones Curexa specializes in, and patients with those diseases often need support to get adequate coverage.

Curexa also uses patient data to offer tailored prescription counseling and to help improve patient outcomes.

Data overload

With all this data and high touch nature of their specialties, Curexa’s team knew they needed a better patient relationship management system.

Internally, their workflow could get bogged down in data which made it difficult for team members to find and track relevant information about each patient.

Utilizing Salesforce to convert data into actionable information provides us with a new tool set to provide better customer service across the pharmacy continuum. This improved customer service has substantial benefits for patients, providers, payers and drug manufacturers.

Daniel DiStefano, PharmD, MBA, CSP, Curexa Vice President​

Curexa’s pharmacy liaisons - the representatives who meet regularly with healthcare providers - couldn’t access real-time information about each provider’s patients and how many prescriptions Curexa carried for them.

One other difficulty Curexa experienced was streamlined reporting for manufacturers and payers. Reports had to be created through a more manual process and customization proved time-consuming.

Salesforce Health Cloud: A better way to manage patient relationships

Curexa had heard great things about the Salesforce Health Cloud. This patient relationship management product was the best on the market, so the decision was a no-brainer.

The difficulty came when they had chose a partner to help implement the product. Initially they worked with a firm that underperformed and didn’t meet their needs, so Curexa went to Salesforce and asked for help finding another partner.

Based on their Salesforce rep’s recommendation, they partnered up with Penrod, who proved to be a nimble and flexible partner that knew the healthcare landscape and was able to adapt that knowledge to pharmacy.

Our experience with Penrod has been nothing short of amazing. Penrod delved deep into our workflow and processes to understand our needs at each stage of development. It is rare to find partners that truly understand the complexities of the pharmacy space.

Daniel DiStefano, PharmD, MBA, CSP, Curexa Vice President​

Improving workflows and data management

With Penrod’s support, Curexa’s team now uses the Health Cloud to map more productive workflow processes.

Their software helps them determine which team members are needed at specific points in the patient’s journey and smoothes out any friction associated with inefficient workflows.

Team members can also assign specific care plans to individual patients. These care plans capture information about the patient, the pharmaceutical product they need, and their disease.

This data helps Curexa tailor its counseling to the individual while also gathering cross sections of data that help them improve how they manage different diseases.

And Curexa CoPilot, the new integrated tool field liaisons use provides them with real-time information about each healthcare provider, their patients, and their prescriptions. This helps them improve the support they offer to providers as well as tracking their individual accounts.

An added bonus? Reports for manufacturers and payers are much easier to create and more easily customizable. Team members can pull real-time data into the reports and the process is much less manual than before.

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