Meet Penrod’s New Faces, Masters Of March Madness

March 8th, 2018 • 3 min read

We brought on four new Penrodians in the month of February. Meet Kristina, Arthur, Thuyet, and Cory! Kristina joined Penrod as a Project Manager in Milwaukee, Arthur is a Salesforce Specialist out of our Dallas office, Thuyet is a Project Manager at our Minnesota office, and Cory joined as part of our newly-created Marketing Services team as a Marketing Enablement Lead from our Minnesota office.

We’re big fans of March Madness around here, and we run an organization-wide bracket competition like most everyone else. Seeing as the tournament is just around the corner, we thought we’d ask them a couple of March Madness-themed questions. Get to know them as they share their own founded-college mascot (and who they think will win the National Championship).

If you founded a college, what would your mascot be and why?

Kristina Kanter: A Tiger....I got the eye of a tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire, cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me ROAR!

Arthur Thorne: A mythical beast like a dragon, since the mascot isn’t confined to any set of rules and is perceived as a powerful force.

Thuyet Nguyen: Three-toed Fighting Sloth because sloths are adorable and I don’t think you can get mad at a “fighting” sloth.

Cory Reynolds: The Gamers. I like playing sports and videogames, Gamers works for both.

If you could invent a bracket-style tournament similar to that of March Madness, what would the competition be and who or what would be in the contest?

KK: Mancala --- anyone could play, and let's be honest I miss that game!

AT: Highest number of JIRA tickets completed with all of the competitors as Penrod teams.

TN: 1-v-1 No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker. I would include my entire extended family (including in-laws) because all of them think they’re good at poker since they’ve seen the movie Rounders.

CR: Golden Tee head-to-head stroke play. Anyone can play.

What activity could you turn into a contest that you would win a National Championship for?

KK: Word Search, I've got eyes like a hawk.

AT: Amateur chef, I feel I could whip up some serious American or Italian dishes. Though I can’t do crazy stuff like some of these tv shows out there.

TN: Throwing food into the air and catching it my mouth.  Points will be a combo between mass of food and height of throw.  I think I would be ranked pretty high cause I have a big mouth.

CR: Having the highest number of fantasy sport teams/leagues.

What is your favorite competition or sport currently?

KK: Probably Football because it's all about the Go Pack Go!

AT: Cooking contests. They challenge the chefs to create a dish under harsh timelines with specific ingredients that would appeal to a general audience.

TN: World Cup (soccer) because there is no larger stage for a player or coach. Entire nations stop when their teams are playing and the energy and passion can’t be compared to any other event.

CR: Baseball. I don't know why, but baseball has always been my favorite sport.

Okay, early, early, EARLY bracket predictions here: who do you have going all the way this year in the March Madness tournament?

KK: Kentucky -- I feel like I pick them every year and my luck hasn't been half bad!

AT: No idea, I’ve never watched a basketball game.

TN: Villanova? I haven’t seen them play this year but out of the current top 10 teams they are the least inconsistent and have won the championship recently.

CR: North Carolina because they are not Duke.

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