Meet Penrod’s New Faces, Olympic Hopefuls

February 13th, 2018 • 3 min read

We welcomed two new Penrodians in the month of January, Caitlin and Josh! Caitlin joined as a member of the Marketing Services team at our Minneapolis office, while Josh is a Project Manager out of our Dallas office. Being that the Winter Olympics are upon us once again, we thought it apt to ask them a couple of Olympics-centric questions. Get to know them as they run us through their Olympic hopes and dreams (and what celebrities they’d like to see in a competition).

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal for?

Caitlin O’Brien: Speed Walking - I always have been a fast walker.

Josh Griffith: I would have a good chance of winning a medal in paper toss.

Any celebrities you’d like to see in an Olympic sport of your own design?

CO: The Game Of Thrones cast in Speed Walking.

JG: I personally would like to see the entire Game Of Thrones cast in Figure Skating.

Where should the next Olympics be?

CO: Minneapolis. We just hosted the Superbowl, so we can handle anything!

JG: The next Olympics should be in Dallas,'s Texas, why not?!

What is your favorite Olympics event in both the Summer or Winter competitions?

CO: In the Summer, Gymnastics. The routines that these athletes do are so impressive to watch and keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for them to stick the landing. There is a thrill factor when watching the routines. And in the Winter, Figure Skating. Same like gymnastics, the route and tricks they do on the ice are so impressive to watch and the athletes make these routines look so effortless. It's super cool to watch.

JG: My favorite Olympics event in Summer is Volleyball, and Winter is Snowboarding, because I love those two sports.

Which past or present Olympian would you most want to meet?

CO: Aly Raisman. Her hard work and attitude to never give up is contagious when watching her. Her athleticism is so impressive and looks effortless when she is performing. She seemed like a great leader on the floor and off. With the past couple of months going through the sexual assault trial, she really stood up for herself and her teammates. She is bold, courageous and seems to be a fearless leader.

JG: I would most want to meet Shaun White, because he seems like he has maintained such a humble attitude throughout all of his success.

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