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Seven Months, 21 New Penrodians!

Business is booming at Penrod, so we’ve been busy adding some top-rate talent to the team. We sat down (well, virtually) with our newest team members to chat about our newest favorite topic — them!

Also, make sure to check out our career page, and when you’ve decided on a job (*nudge nudge*), read through our blog for more information on the hiring process and loads of other things.

Seven months; 21 new Penrodians!

We’ve had the extraordinary pleasure of hiring a variety of fantastic team members since the beginning of February to meet growing needs. As the pandemic affects business, loved ones, and everyone’s daily lives, Penrod steps up to the plate every day to bolster the needs of our healthcare and life sciences clients. That’s where our new hires come in!

Last week, we hired our largest group so far— five at once! This band of champions has lots in common: they’re travelers, people-oriented, excited about Penrod, and hella skilled.

Meet Christophe (Developer, TX)

Along with over ten years of experience in software and web development and in teaching IT, Christophe is a motivated individual who loves traveling and Calisthenics (if it wasn’t already obvious from his photo!).

Motivated? Check. Excited about Penrod? Also check.

The way the company works, how teams are managed, and how everybody is engaged and accountable is super impressive. It feels like we know exactly where we’re going, how we’ll get there and, as a new hire, it is extremely reassuring and very motivating for the future.

We couldn’t agree more!

Meet Lauren (Developer, TX)

Lauren is no stranger to motivation and adventure, too. She comes to us with two years of development experience, and visited France, Spain, Egypt, and Colombia with her mom before landing at Penrod (she says she inherited the travel bug!).

Speaking of adventures, we asked her how it felt to onboard remotely her first week with us as we continue to quarantine:

I definitely felt [the] collaborative spirit from day one! The team is so supportive. Getting the opportunity to meet everyone all week has made it feel so personable, too, which is what I think sets Penrod apart.

But don’t worry; quarantine doesn’t hinder Lauren’s curious spirit. She’s learned how to make macarons and got a new job in the last couple months. Hell yeah.

Meet Leo (Consultant, TX)

When we talk about Penrodians being people-oriented, Leo is a shining example. On any given day, you can find him sharing photos of his family and finding a way to encourage a teammate. This inclination toward connection makes him one hell of a consultant, along with his 10+ years experience in the realm of Salesforce and healthcare.

Outside of work — you guessed it — we’ve got another adventurer. Mountain biking, swimming, marathons, yoga, traveling…sign him up!

So far, he says his favorite thing about Penrod is the “down-to-earth people; everyone I’ve met and spoken to are an absolute pleasure.

Meet Joyce (Project Manager, TX)

We’re jumping for joy(ce) as we welcome this Penrodian! Okay, dad jokes aside, we’ve gained a treasure in Joyce. From Kenya to Texas to Belgium to Penrod, she fits exactly what we wanted for her role: a knowledge of Salesforce, the healthcare field, project management, and a bright personality. BOOM.

Joyce enjoys the team spirit she’s encountered in her journey with Penrod thus far.

It’s comforting to know that someone’s always there to help (and fast) when you have questions

Meet Tina (Consultant, FL):

Tina is cert-ainly a Salesforce expert as she is seven times Salesforce certified! Among her extensive experience, she also hails from Orlando as a Women in Tech leader and has worked in the Healthcare IT domain for the past 18 years.

It’s fair to say she’s a perfect pick for a Penrodian! Between her passion for people and healthcare, we’re looking forward to the great things she’ll continue to do as our teammate.

She is, too.

Penrod’s people culture is amazing! Add to that the wealth of healthcare knowledge, along with Salesforce’s Health Cloud expertise, makes me very excited to be at Penrod and keep growing in the Salesforce healthcare domain.

Want to join us, too?

We’re hiring!

Check out our career page, and when you’ve decided on a job (*nudge nudge*), read through our blog for more information on the hiring process and loads of other things.