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A Day in the Life of a Field Service Lightning Expert

We caught up with Adam, one of our resident Field Service Lightning experts, as he sat outside enjoying a sunny Dallas day and a cup of strong coffee, to chat about why he loves his clients, his job, and, of course, Salesforce.

Adam started his journey to Salesforce like many of his clients: overwhelmed by spreadsheets thinking there must be a better way to manage data, processes, and solutions. “I had the same issues that face a lot of the clients I help today: Great data, but not a great way to manage it.”

Adam was working as a data analyst when his then-employer made the leap to Salesforce. “I’m a hands-on person; I like to problem solve and understand how things work. It struck me that with Salesforce, we were sitting in a Ferrari! We just didn’t know how to drive it. I started learning the ins and outs, took more advanced training and those skills eventually led me to Penrod.”

At Penrod, Adam brings a unique perspective to the clients he helps. “I can say ‘I’ve been there, and trust me, there’s a better way. Let me show you how.”

Favorite Salesforce Solution: Field Service Lightning

One Salesforce solution Adam says is popular with his clients is Field Service Lighting. “You have to think about people who are out in the field, scheduling, routing, and personally servicing their customers. They need that valuable data outside of a typical office. Field Service Lightning takes you outside the limitations of sitting at a computer.

So while they’re out in the field helping people, say, rebuilding their home, here I am, loaded up on coffee, configuring this solution for someone who is out in the field, in their service truck, helping others. It’s a different way of thinking about the end user, and I love it.Adam Graham, Salesforce Specialist

Adam knows learning a new system can seem overwhelming, so he makes it a priority to create strong, meaningful relationships with his clients and put them at ease. “I always tell them, I know Salesforce really well, but you know your business like the back of your hand. Let’s put that knowledge together, meet in the middle, and build something really great.”

Adam describes his job as a good mix of being a business analyst and Salesforce consultant. “As a partner, I need to learn how our clients run their business. What are their needs? What are their goals? Once I have that, then I can build the Salesforce platform that is right for them.”

A true people person, Adam loves to partner with his clients. “It’s great to have a face-to-face meeting, whether it is a day or three days. You have that initial brainstorming and discovery process. Then you go back and put your thinking caps on.”

Next, the team begins the build phase. “We lay out the architecture and ask, ‘How are we going to do this?’ Depending on the project and the client’s needs, it can take a month or two, or several months.”

Adam’s philosophy is simple: “I like making people’s jobs easier day-to-day. If I can build a process that does that for my clients, it gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

For example, he recently partnered with a small but rapidly growing company in the healthcare industry. To capitalize on their massive growth, they needed a system that could easily handle advanced analytics, including reporting in different parts of the company. “They were living in a spreadsheet world and needed to break out.”

Adam built out a Salesforce platform, incorporating Einstein Analytics. “A lot of clients have massive amounts of data or what’s called ‘big data.’ Einstein Analytics can help you sort through that, show you trends and other patterns, to help you make informed business decisions. It’s flashy, fun, interactive, and a great tool to help you get the data you need.

“It was a challenging project, but it was very cool to build out the platform with Einstein, see the end result, and hear the client’s ‘Wow!’”

Penrod in a word? Fun

“Fun” is a word Adam uses to describe his work and team at Penrod. After starting his day with “super-fancy coffee” (he boasts knowing 14 different ways to make the perfect cup), Adam looks forward to the daily team meeting.

“We’re agile, so every day we have a team standup. We literally stand for 15 minutes and go through what we worked on yesterday, what we’re doing today, and if we have any challenges. It’s cool to see who is leading which project and what everyone is up to. There’s a lot of humor—we joke about attendance and who got there late. It’s a really good way to start the day.”

Adam says communication and fun are key in his role as a Penrod Salesforce expert “I have a great time working with the team and our clients. After wrapping up a project, sometimes clients will say “Ah, man, we don’t want to lose you!” But I tell them I’m always here to help, and really, with Salesforce, it’s easy to be a rockstar. That’s my goal: to support people, to get them set up, and help them become Salesforce rockstars, too.”

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