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A Day in the Life of a Penrod Engagement Manager

Everyone says “When I grow up I want to be an Engagement Manager at Penrod!” At least, they do after they’ve spoken to Tara Vandygriff, one of our great Penrod employees. Check out some of what she highlights as the best things about her job and maybe you’ll be considering a career change.

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Tara says, “As an engagement manager at Penrod, my role is about getting our clients excited about their projects. I spend a lot of time talking with them about their needs and goals. We talk about what they’d like to see in the future.”

She also says she wants them to be comfortable with the projects and keep them ‘in the know’ at all times. “Penrod really teams up with our clients, so there’s a lot of communication throughout the entire project. Engagement managers really show the relationship side of Penrod, which is great.”
Penrod in two words: “Worth it.”
There’s no one typical day at Penrod, but Tara says that about 30-50% of her week is spent talking to clients. They chat about everything from concerns and feedback, to what success looks like in the current phase of the project, to what are they excited to do in the future.

As for the rest of the week? Fueled by great coffee, Tara splits her time between four main areas: the sales cycle aspect of her job, working with the project teams to manage and address their needs for the projects, updating information in Salesforce and, like most people, taming her wild inbox.

She loves to meet with clients and coworkers in person, because this offers her the opportunity to build solid and personal relationships although working in a digital world, she’s thankful for things like Slack. “Sometimes it’s just more efficient, especially when questions are pretty straightforward.”

Tara isn’t one to sit still, which is great because as an engagement manager she spends about 30% of her time traveling. This travel ranges from near to across the globe, mostly with the project teams, but other times with the sales team or on her own. The travel time helps the Penrod team really gel, so they bring the very best solutions to their clients.

“One of the best parts of my job is getting to work with all the project teams at Penrod. You build personal relationships—it’s not just ‘Oh, hi random coworker.’ Penrod has a family aspect to it, and I feel fully immersed in it because I’m closely connected to everyone on a daily basis.”

Walking into Penrod, you can feel the energy and connectedness. It’s no wonder, Tara says, because at Penrod, everyone shares the same drive to achieve great things. “There is a high expectation for passion in the projects we work on and the people we work with.”

One challenge to her job? Finding the ability to prioritize between all clients. “I want them to feel important—because they all are.” But her passion combined with the team’s support helps her make every client feel valued. She says her average workweek is about 50-60 hours, which allows her to help her clients reach their goals but also allows her to her maintain a good work/life integration. In other words, be able to enjoy an after-work IPA with friends!).

The best thing about working at Penrod? Tara instantly says, “It’s the people. There is always somebody here who cares about you and your success.”

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