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A Day in the Life of a Salesforce Developer

Miguel Marquez wakes up at the crack of dawn, braids his majestic beard, and sets off on an easy 26.2-mile sprint before sitting down to develop some seriously sweet stuff.

Okay, maybe only the last part (that we know of). It is true, however, that Miguel— one of Penrod’s beloved Salesforce Developers— spends his workdays developing with his mad skills.

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So…what does a Salesforce developer do, exactly?

Miguel Marquez
Miguel says, “I work with my teammates to ensure Penrod’s clients are able to successfully implement or update Salesforce organizations, particularly when the changes to a Salesforce org require custom code or complex data management.”

His workweek consists of focusing on goals set for a two-week period— called a Sprint — at the end of which, the team regroups with the client to determine if a change of course is needed. He also checks in with his team during meetings to discuss recent wins, propose new process improvements, have training sessions, and talk about some of the core metrics that help determine the health of the team.

On the daily, he writes code to process information and code to show the processed information in a web page. If the code he’s writing isn’t for processing data, it may be written to allow users to perform complex actions on a large data set.

Honestly, though, what’s his favorite part of a typical day?

“When dog pics are being shared early in the morning!”

Pups aside, Miguel also gets hyped about the cutting-edge technology we work with: “We get to leverage some of the newest technologies in the industry and integrate them right into Salesforce. We do this by writing code and developing website pages with the user experience in mind.”

Along with his tech skills, Miguel is laser-focused on client experience, calling the opportunity to extend or initialize a Salesforce organization a “privilege,” and a chance to focus on obsessing over a solution in order to do everything we can to ensure clients get the very best from us. He especially loves working in the Health and Life Sciences realm, because there is a wide array of these solutions for his team to build and deliver.

As evidenced, Miguel is a team player. He uses the words “we” and “teammates” frequently, and says that the culture at Penrod is one in which he feels heard and valued. “Penrod gives each team member a channel to voice concerns, whether it is about needing to adapt to a new process, adjust an existing process, or even just propose we review something for the sake of knowing it. Every time a team member has an item they would like to voice, the team is always willing to listen and collaborate off of what was shared.”

Developing can be a challenging job, as Developers are constantly problem-solving and building solutions and communicating with clients to ensure they’re truly getting what they want and need.

True to form, Miguel isn’t swayed by these challenges.

“If a client informs us that they want a certain feature added, we really take our time asking the right questions to ensure all of our client’s users are being covered. At Penrod we work together as a team to get all the information needed to ensure the client has the best solution for all of their users.”

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