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A Day in the Life of Kevin Wertz, Salesforce Consultant

Malort ambassador, Salesforce aficionado, dad-joke pun-dit: Meet Kevin Wertz, Senior Salesforce Consultant.

Here at Penrod, Kevin helps plan, create, maintain, improve, and deliver reusable solutions for sought-after Healthcare use cases.

“My current role is to transform these solutions into reusable assets for any Healthcare project,” he says.

On a weekly basis, he stays busy by seeking out Delivery team members with availability to collaborate on creating and improving our reusable solution library. He helps implement these solutions on any projects in which they were sold.

But let’s zoom in on what that can actually look like day-to-day. We asked Kevin what his typical work day consists of:

“A lot of Jira work to organize work to prepare tickets, pioneering new processes for rapidly developing packaged solutions, working with Delivery Managers to identify team members who are available to contribute to or lead new solution development.”

No small tasks here! Kevin consistently focuses on leveling up our internal processes and creating exceptional experiences for our clients. He showcases expertise in all things technical AND client-facing, often knowing how to balance what’s best for both Penrod and our clients.

He says there are certainly challenges in this line of work, like staying adaptable and organized when managing a bunch of projects at once, but he also has a few things that keep him motivated:

“Getting to work with everyone at Penrod in a bunch of new and interesting capacities” is high on the list, as well as knowing Penrod is full of people who aren’t afraid to try new things— he says we are “one flexible and resilient bunch!”

Outside of Penrod, Kevin says he would play volleyball every day of the week if he could, “but my Malort drinking habit tends to get in the way” 🤦

We’re so glad to have you, Kev!

Bonus photo of him and his fiancée– er– Dobby and Lucius.

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