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How Information Silos Lead to Game Over: Lessons From Tetris

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08/22/16’s Greatest Hits

  Our Platform team got together to discuss their favorite release features over the past five years. Although their costumes bring out their nerdy...

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Saul’s force Part 1: Why CRM?

  Saul Fofana, Penrod's Client Engagement Manager, believes that all great customer experiences start with "Why?". He enjoys the challenge and process of building products...

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Penrod + — Dinner at “The Social Table”

  ENTREE SPICE RUBBED FLANK STEAK with ginger-tomato chutney SMALL PLATES SHAVED KALE & BRUSSEL SPROUT with citrus-truffle vinaigrette STUFFED BELL PEPPERS with tomato, herbs...

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Why I Work at Penrod – Katy

I came to Penrod because I was ready for a challenge. After spending what seemed like an eternity in a position with no growth, I...

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Meet one of our Superheroes — Batman!

  Jacob Brushafer is known around Penrod as "Batman" because he relies on his genius intellect, detective skills and indomitable will to solve just about...

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Penrod Recognized as a Silver Partner!

  Penrod is proud to officially be recognized as a certified Silver Cloud Alliance Partner! But what does that mean? provides a Consulting...

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Why I Work at Penrod — Brandon

  I don’t think many of my friends are as excited to go to work in the morning as I am. Casual dress code, a...

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Penrod + Steelbrick — Summerfest Outing and Happy Hour on Wednesday, July 6 @ 4 PM

  Take the time to learn about how both Penrod and Steelbrick can help your company today. We have rented out a private side room...

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Penrod on the road: Recap from the DDPA Seminar in Santa Monica

  The Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA) Tactical Skills Seminar focused on providing education and information about Provider Tools as well as claims process policies...

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