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How Information Silos Lead to Game Over: Lessons From Tetris

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Key takeaways from the FDA’s coronavirus response

While coronavirus is not yet widespread in the United States, the FDA is trying to keep it that way, both domestically and internationally. In a...

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Medical Device Companies are Taking a Stand Against Coronavirus

Dangerous Virus, new Regulations FDA regulatory intervention As the primary regulatory body for medical devices in the United States, the FDA has taken a strong...

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Create a Customer-Centric Experience with Patient Generated Health Data

Patient data, including biometrics, symptoms, effects of medicine, and level of activity are traditionally collected during annual physicals or sporadically scheduled exams. The data measures...

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Medical Device Security: What the FDA Recommends to Keep Your Users Safe

The advantages of connected medical devices are obvious. Healthcare providers are given a 360-degree view of patient health metrics that matter - and that rich...

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Digital Trends: Harnessing the Power of Your Medical Device Distributers

And group purchasing networks have only accelerated this trend. Developed in the 1990’s to increase provider negotiation power, GPOs and IDNs have triggered distributors to...

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Meet the First Winner of Penrod’s Annual Chili Contest!

It wasn't easy. There were two other vegan competitors, a chicken chili, and a delicious 'normal' that tasted like pure Wisconsin in a bowl. To...

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Jumpstart Your Healthcare and Life Sciences Digital Transformation Journey

With market agility and speed of innovation causing tremendous disruption to the existing business models, both emerging businesses and market leaders need to digitally transform...

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Will Bioprinted Organs Be Regulated by the FDA Like Medical Devices?

3D printing has already revolutionized the medical device industry. Devices can be produced more efficiently, and creating patient specific devices has already started to improve...

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Medical Device AI Regulation

As a part of the American AI Initiative, a new draft memorandum proposed by the White House yesterday identifies policy that will guide regulatory and...

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