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Happy Father’s Day!

At Penrod, we're all about appreciating the people who inspire us to be our absolute best... and who could be a better example of this than fathers?

Once again, our amazing Salesforce Consultant Monica thought it'd be fun to start a Slack conversation where we all shared our favorite dad memories.

Here's a recap of our favorite "Dad" memories!

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Monica Anderson

I’ll start! As cliché as it is, one of my favorite memories with my dad is when he walked me down the aisle at my wedding! And one of my favorite things is watching my husband as a dad with our kiddos


Molly Farley

John Farley. The most intelligent, energetic, and wittiest person I know. He’s turning 70 next year and he still parties harder than me. He can whistle like a Disney character, can and will say or do a n y t h i n g for a laugh (no matter how public), and reminds me not to take life so seriously. I also get my singin’ voice from him & my favorite memories with him are the nights we’ve stayed up til 4am, sharing whiskey, thumbing through his expansive record collection and telling stories.


Lacey Van Syckle

My dad is a total goofball (I call him Pop Syckle) my favorite memories include baseball games, our dad daughter trip to Vegas for his 60th, travel and chill days by the pool.


Saul Fofana

Here’s my favorite pic of son and Grandpa.


Alyse Scott

This is my dad. Love him to death one of the biggest goofballs around. My favorite thing about my dad is that he will drop whatever he is doing to help his kids and family. He’s is notorious for coming out and helping us move when we are changing apartments. Speaking of which he’s coming out to Dallas next weekend to help me move into my house (which he also coordinated all the movers)


Brian McCall

This is my dad making faces at Arthur, getting him to chuckle. My folks live in CA, so I don’t see them too often; however, it’s amazing to see how much of my father I see in my son – his goofiness especially.


Mary Ganchar

Aww Big Tone, my dad is so great :blush: I get my love of boating, racing/cars, and party hosting from him.


Tara Vandygriff

This is Jeff – world’s greatest dad! Most of my good qualities come directly from him (including my willingness to always stay for one more beer and my really great bear hugs) …he worked nights for 17 years so he could provide for all of us, so now my favorite thing is to treat him to experiences – like his first packer game & Springsteen concerts!


Cory Reynolds

I have a few pics to share! The first is my dad, Doug, holding me when I was around 6 months old…contrasted with me holding my son, Crew, a few weeks ago (he’ll be 2 in August). The third pic rounds out the three generations of Reynolds at the time it was taken (my brother has since had one of his own as well, and I officially become The Godfather on Sunday!).

My dad is largely responsible for the weirdo you all have to work with on a daily basis now :wink:, but he consistently taught me and held me accountable to the qualities we are now passing down to our son (among others):

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Strong work ethic


Brandon Alberti

PapaBerti – I have always been so close to my dad – he is my hero. He worked in a factory building truck frames for 25+ years before his company moved to Mexico. He was forced to learn a new trade and went back to school to become an electrician/line mechanic. He always put his family first and the grit he showed to do that in his mid 40’s was incredible.


Kirsten Subjeck

My dad Glen is 70. He still practices law and plays saxophone in a band. I don’t expect he’ll stop until he absolutely has to. He never meets a stranger and is a master of dad jokes. I hope I have as much energy as he does when I’m 40, let alone 70.


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