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Happy Mother’s Day!

At Penrod, we're all about appreciating the people who inspire us to be our absolute best... and who could be a better example of this than mothers?

One of our amazing Salesforce Consultants (and also an amazing Mom), Monica, thought it'd be fun to start a Slack conversation where we all shared our favorite memories.

Here's a recap of our favorite "Mom" memories!

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Monica Anderson

I can start…one of my favorite memories with my mom was when my sisters and I flew out to Arizona to surprise her for her birthday, she had no idea we were coming! And another recent favorite memory of being a mom was the family trip we just took to Florida – it’s so fun to be able to see kids learn new things and explore new places, we can’t wait to continue doing more of that in the future.


Cory Reynolds

Don’t have a specific memory, but do need to give a shout out out to my wife, Lacee, who is a fantastic mother to our son, Crew. As evidenced by her not allowing him to drink yet… hopefully this video comes through or else that comment will be very weird for a one year old!

Kristina Kanter

My favorite memory with my mom was we went on a Mediterranean cruise a couple years ago just the two of us and while I thought I’d maybe go nuts spending two weeks straight with her we had the best time

My best memories so far as being a mom are watching the little goofball personality come out in my son!! He’s 19 months old and growing so fast!


Caroline Swanson

My parents are party animals, and they live 20 minutes away, so some of my favorite memories with my mom are just getting to hang out with her and get to know the real her, not just the “mom” her.

And then, she’s absolutely amazing with my kids


Alyse Scott

My mom and Is goal is to travel to every SEC school for game day either supporting Florida or Auburn.


Katrina Stiebs

My mom and I neveerrr accidentally dress same. (But I bought the coat and boots first okay?) And she’s absolutely living her dream as a grandma right now. Meanwhile, my profile picture is an accurate description of being Neil’s mom…just trying to keep him from injuring himself terribly at all times.


Brandon Alberti

I am definitely a mamas boy. The favorite for so many years until my middle sister snagged the title from under my nose just a few years ago. My mom has been over the moon being a grandma. She cries almost every time she hangs out with Phoenix. She always put us first and taught me how to be kind and considerate no matter who I’m talking to. Very grateful to have her as my mom!


Molly Farley

My mom has always been one of my very best friends. She’s always down for an adventure, has the kindest and most generous soul, and has the best sense of humor/best laugh. I adore her. I think my favorite memory with her is making cookies together when I was a kid and we had a flour fight and we literally found flour for like months after!


Tara Vandygriff

My mom & aunt and I went to Tahoe & Yosemite for my 25th birthday and is one of the best trips I’ve ever taken! my mom loooooves to travel & be outdoors, both things I’ve gotten from her. (also, she has my exact same laugh).


Lacey Van Syckle

My mom has always shown me such a great example of it being ok to be a strong and sometimes loud woman. She 100% of the time supports my desire for independence and making me own choices, but is there to support me when I fall on my face. She is the most welcoming person I have ever met. She is the reason I am obsessed with reading and consider popcorn a full meal. I have so many great memories but one of my favs is when I surprised her with a trip just the two of us to Austin for her 60th!


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