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Meet Marlien, Our Health and Life Science Champion!

If you know Penrod, you know we are people-obsessed, results-obsessed, quality-obsessed, and over the last couple years, Healthcare and Life Sciences-obsessed. You could say we have a few Health-y obsessions (*ba-dum-chh*).

Because of the aforementioned, the HLS vertical came naturally to us; we love creating and implementing stellar solutions with real-world impact— solutions that make a difference. In order to do that, we’ve hired (and are continuing to hire... hint hint) top talent to lead our team and clients to meaningful success.

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That said, meet Marlien Rendon, our HLS Practice Lead! Based in Texas, she joined the Penrod family this August with over 20 years of experience in HLS, two years in HLS Salesforce Practice Leadership, and a whole lot of passion for mentorship.

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Working in the HLS space and creating purposeful solutions came naturally for Marlien, too.

I started in training for an Oncology software and medical device company back in 2000 by accident, when all of the public teaching roles were filled in the Bay Area,” said Marlien. “I had a friend in the industry who said, ‘We need trainers, we’ll teach you everything clinical.’ The alignment was very natural and organic for me to help people who cared for others.”

She’s excited to bring this energy and care to Penrod and our clients, especially now. We asked her what she’s most excited to do at Penrod as our HLS Practice Lead:

The opportunity to help grow and brand the Practice. I think what will separate Penrod from other SI’s is the ability to speak to relevant clinical issues,” she said. “The demand for quality care is paramount, and a partner who truly understands that vision is key to success.”

Outside of her dedication to leading our team and flexing her expertise in the HLS space, you can find Marlien cheering in the stands of the San Francisco Giants, and/or locate the nearest hot sauce to put on her food (if only she could eat ice cream with peppers, she says!). Being the ambitious person that she is, she also enjoys sewing and hiking.

Her enthusiasm for connection and growth is sure to land her some great opportunities and achievements in her new role. What she’s most excited for at Penrod is to publish that we are one of the best places to work for in the country. “Our people and growth will become a role model to other organizations!”

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