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New Hire Series: Clint Rhea

At Penrod, we hire top talent. We hire team players. We hire passionate problem-solvers. We hire relay racers and Mario enthusiasts. Meet Clint Rhea and Kirsten Subjeck!

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Meet Clint

Penrod recently welcomed a data wizard to the team! Meet Clint Rhea: our newest Data Architect.

As a Data Architect, Clint thinks about the ways we represent business concepts and events in systems as data, and designs secure, reliable communication between the systems where people do work. He also participates in architecture and technical best practice discussions to ensure we’re all building high-quality solutions for our clients.


We asked him about his favorite part of his role: “Data integrations are typically built between the most critical business operations, and a successful system architecture requires a broad understanding of key business processes and systems. It’s satisfying to step back from a narrow technical problem and consider the wider effects on systems and the people using them. Curiosity is important!”

And he is no stranger to curiosity; Clint grew up alongside computers and the internet, and has always had an interest in how things work. Technology, analytical thinking, and curiosity have shepherded him down many paths including personal financial planning, web application development, and sales. We’re lucky to have landed him!

“Ultimately, I chose to work in the Salesforce ecosystem because it’s so ubiquitous in the enterprise market that it’s created a demand and opportunities for engineers who enjoy getting more into business process,“ he says.

As for Penrod, Clint is enjoying the collaboration and teamwork he’s witnessed so far. He is particular to way teamwork is supported by formal communication touch-points that give us real opportunities to improve.

“I’m looking forward to building more expertise and reproducible integration patterns around Salesforce and HLS, along with our team knowledge in MuleSoft.”

As are we, Clint!

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