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New Hire Series: Meet Gohar and Seth!

At Penrod, we hire top talent. We hire team players. We hire passionate problem-solvers. Meet Gohar Qureshi and Seth Howell!

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Gohar Qureshi

Gohar is one of our newest Project Managers at Penrod. She optimizes processes and creates great customer experiences for our clients. She especially loves identifying opportunities for improvement and introducing efficiencies to delivery, and most importantly, working with her team.

Like many of our employees, Gohar’s path to working for Penrod is an interesting one:

“I was instrumental in implementing Salesforce solutions for a number of Federal agencies,” she says. “There were significant citizen and employee impacts realized enabling automation of manual processes, call center applications to assist citizens and much more. I was approached by [Penrod’s Talent Acquisition Coordinator] Ally Wentzell in July. She kept me engaged throughout the process. It was great meeting everyone as part of the interview process.”

Gohar’s favorite thing about Penrod so far is the culture of recognition and teamwork.

Fast Facts About Gohar:
  • Favorite Series: Medici: Masters of Florence on Netflix.
  • Favorite Food: Thai and Pakistani/Indian cuisine.
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading, museums, Shakespeare theater.
  • Best Vacation: Mediterranean Cruise from Barcelona to Rome
  • Interesting Story: I lived a very privileged life back in Pakistan, I had no goals. My father who was the Chief Justice of Pakistan at the time sent me to the US for an additional Bachelors and the condition to marry my then boyfriend (my current husband) was to complete my Bachelors and pursue a meaningful career. Fortunately or unfortunately I chose CIS as my major and here I am, 21 years later still in the IT field. And yes, I did get married to my boyfriend and we are now parents to 2 middle schoolers.
  • Wildcard: My mother and brother are published authors.

Seth Howell

Based in Kentucky, Seth is our newest Technical Architect. Like Gohar, Seth works hard to optimize processes, but specifically, technical ones! His favorite part of the role so far is learning the inner working of different organizations.

Seth’s journey to Penrod included starting out as a system admin for a government contractor and learned of Salesforce when working with call centers.

“After that, I worked as a consultant with a CRM firm, implementing 5 different CRM platforms including Salesforce. I liked Salesforce the best and noted the company’s trajectory and obtained my admin cert. The rest is history,” he says.

Seth’s favorite thing about Penrod so far is the culture. He says he’s most “looking forward to continued collaboration with the team.”

Fast Facts About Seth:
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Hobby: playing/watching basketball
  • Best vacation: Maui, Hawaii
  • Favorite Movie: The Wedding Singer. Don’t judge me.

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