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New Hires – Daniel, Alex, Erica and Epiphany

At Penrod, it’s all about the people. We gathered a dynamic group—a developer, a data lead, an account exec and a project manager—to talk about what’s important in a job, the age-old debate of best daytime drink, and why Penrod is a great place to grow a career.

From home chef to amateur athletes, to travelers and new-ish Milwaukee transplants, Penrod is home to a diverse group of individuals who each bring unique strengths to the team. Our recent Fab Four—Epiphany, Daniel, Erica, and Alex—have different backgrounds and focuses, yet they work together seamlessly at Penrod. We asked what attracted them to Penrod and why they work together so well. Their answer was unanimous: It’s the people.

Everyone I met prior to coming onboard felt very true to themselves. It was refreshing.
Daniel, Project Manager

“During my interview process I was so impressed with Penrod’s emphasis on people,” said Epiphany, Software Developer. Daniel, Project Manager, agrees, adding “Everyone I met prior to coming onboard felt very true to themselves and we had organic interactions. It was very refreshing.”

Working with a supportive, innovative team was important, but equally important was being at a place where they could grow their skills and reach career goals.

“Penrod is really forward-thinking,” says Erica, Account Executive. “The fact that it offered me both personal and career growth was what ultimately brought me here. Working for a company that values being a partner to their clients was also an important component. Here, I have both.”

Penrod is really forward-thinking. The fact that it offered me both personal and career growth was what ultimately brought me here.
Erica, Account Executive

All four agreed that growth opportunities abound. Working primarily with Salesforce, and with a finger firmly on the pulse of cloud-based technology, there is always something new and exciting to learn, making Penrod a great place for people who are ambitious and driven.

“Working at Penrod brings new challenges that will force you to stretch and grow in ways you never thought of,” says Daniel. “It’s a little scary, yet exciting at the same time.” The veterans at Penrod know this, so they’re all ready to help, he adds.

“One of the things I like most about my job here is how eager everyone is to assist you in getting comfortable,” he explains. “Each person you talk to wants to be a resource for you, to make sure you can get any question answered.”

Penrod works hard to ensure each location helps foster this collaboration. The company also additional perks to inspire and engage the team, like being pet-friendly. “The office dogs never fail to brighten my days!” says Epiphany.

“They sneak up on me from under my desk,” Alex, Data Lead, explains with a laugh. Usually they hang out at the desks, but they may join their owners for a break in the kitchen area.

The fridge is always stocked with water—including LaCroix for those who like a little kick—and coffee for those who like a lot of kick. It makes it easy for the team to bounce ideas off one another as they brainstorm Salesforce solutions for their clients.

“Penrod values being a partner to their clients, which is important to me and definitely a factor in why I came here,” Erica says, as everyone nods in agreement. “I’m very driven, but easy-going too. I like being able to challenge myself and solve problems, but also work with people and see them happy with the result.”

The office dogs never fail to brighten my days!
Epiphany, Software Developer

Taking on challenges at work and in their personal lives is quality that each one of the Fab Four possesses and demonstrates in different ways. Both Alex and Epiphany love to challenge themselves with cooking and trying out new recipes. (They may even treat the entire office on occasion!)

“My favorite dinner spot is always my kitchen after I try out a new recipe,” admits Epiphany.

Erica and Daniel like to test themselves in the sports realm. Erica is an avid golfer who could give Annika Sorenstam a run for her money, while Daniel coaches, referees, plays, eats, and sleeps all things soccer. It’s that spirit of setting a goal, conquering it, and celebrating before setting the next new challenge that makes each one a perfect fit at Penrod.

The location in the Third Ward is really great.
Alex, Data Lead

Their work hard, play hard approach helps all four fit in perfectly at Penrod. They’re excited to be part of a great team, enjoy setting and crushing goals, and love helping their clients do the same.

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in the marathon they call life,” says Daniel, “so it’s important to take out time for things that matter the most and continue motivating you to keep running and keep reaching for success.”

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