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New Hires – Laura & Beth

Business is booming at Penrod, so naturally we added some top-rate talent to the team! We sat down with Laura and Beth to talk marathons, monster trucks, and why they love going to work every day. (Spoiler alert: They love their jobs.)

Both Laura, Technology Intern, and Beth, Client Engagement Manager, came to Penrod looking for a great job with an edge—a tech edge.

A growing software company with attitude in the Third Ward, which is one of the best locations in the city? Sounds like me in so many ways! I was in immediately.”
Beth, Client Engagement Manager

Of course, tech companies can be a dime a dozen, and when you’re uber-talented, your choices are limitless. What made Penrod stand out above the rest?

Both Beth and Laura agree it was the opportunities. “Starting as an intern, I was able to observe every possible career path available, which was helpful for focusing on the skills I need for the career I want,” says Laura.

“I’m learning all the time,” notes Beth. “Plus, at Penrod, it’s exciting to make new connections. I’m impacting clients in a positive, profound way, which is really cool.”

As avid athletes, it’s no surprise that the challenging, fast-paced environment also appeals to Beth and Laura. “I’ve ran four marathons,” explains Laura. “The Bermuda Triangle Challenge was the most exciting! It was a 1-mile race on Friday, 10K on Saturday, and a marathon on Sunday.”

Beth is also an avid runner-cyclist, and while you might not see her biking through the office, you may hear her hum (or belt out) one of her favorite tunes to pep up the office. “I once sang the National Anthem at a monster truck rally in front of thousands of people,” she laughs. “I love to sing. My family is like the Von Trapps from ‘Sound of Music.’”

From the occasional song, to building client solutions and brainstorming new innovations, Penrod’s office is filled with energy. But make no mistake, our team is very focused. When asked what is takes to be successful at Penrod, both Beth and Laura mentioned some of their standout qualities.

It’s allowed me to grow and choose the path that’s best for me.
Laura, Technology Intern

Laura welcomes change. “It’s allowed me to grow and choose the path that’s best for me.” Beth says her energy is her greatest quality (she admits she gets a bit of help from her go-to beverage, coffee!). She channels this energy and enthusiasm into her work to help clients find the best solutions.

Being at the top of their game, Laura and Beth had their pick of employers, but Penrod was the place they both wanted to be. “It’s a great location and a really great work environment,” Laura notes. “But the real difference is they put a focus on people.”

Beth agrees. “One of the things I like most about my job is working with my team. Really, Penrod feels like home.”

Looking for a career edge and an opportunity to grow in an innovative environment? Penrod is hiring!