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Our Top 5 Takeaways from Salesforce’s Spring ’17 Release



Salesforce’s Spring ’17 Release Notes have arrived! What does that mean to us? It means that for the last few weeks our team has poured over Salesforce’s Spring Release notes to learn about new features & development options that can deliver value to our workflow & clients. What does that mean for you? Users will now work more efficiently & productively with the artificial intelligence that is built directly into the platform with Salesforce Einstein. Einstein will impact many of the nuts & bolts within Salesforce’s current platforms to allow for faster & more efficient data management.



Our Salesforce experts, Director of Salesforce Platform, Jake Brushafer & Director of Salesforce Architecture, Charlie Ballard, have reviewed this season’s notes & have identified 5 key features that excite our development & architect teams. These new features will offer the greatest impact & value to both our internal & external partners.


The New Path

The original Sales Path was a great feature that played a helpful role in both Opportunities & Leads. Well, it’s not just for Sales anymore! Now it can be utilized on all custom objects. Path allows you to highlight key fields, visually display each step of the process, & provide helpful tools & tips. In addition, Path now pays attention to the fields required by the page layout.

Web-to-Case / Web-to-Lead

Keeping open communication with customers while eliminating spam used to be a tricky task. Now, when you add reCAPTCHA to your Web-to-Case form you can require customers to check the box that enables spam filtering. You will ultimately strengthen your customer service by eliminating spam cases & properly utilizing your time addressing customer needs.


“Each season our team looks forward to these releases. As a Salesforce user, we leverage these technical changes to better improve our processes & in turn, share that insight with our clients.”

– Charlie Ballard, Director of Salesforce Architecture, Penrod

Console Apps in Lightning

Console apps in Lightning maintains the best of Salesforce Classic console functionality like pinned tabs & three-column layout while providing the updated styling of Lightning Experience. If, like us, you often have tons of Salesforce tabs open for development & testing work, you will now able to work more efficiently in the lightning interface. Sales Cloud & Service Cloud users alike can be given a productivity boost because of their new ability to edit & reference several records simultaneously.

Automatic Activity Capture

Logging activity from client emails into Salesforce can be a pain point, but now with Automatic Activity Capture using Salesforce Einstein, your time is saved. Calendar events & emails from your Google or Microsoft 365 account will show up on the related records in Salesforce without any extra steps. Keeping organized by linking emails & events to the correct accounts, contacts, opportunities & leads allows you to sell smarter.

Creating Space with New Components

The work that’s been done with the Community Builder has made it much easier to quickly & easily build beautiful communities. Spring ‘17 has improved support for Lightning Components on record pages, as well as adding Visualforce pages right into Community Builder. The left-hand panels are easily hidden, page structure now has it’s own panel, & page properties now hosts all of the useful settings from the Page Manager. Overall, your work can be simplified because of the tools provided that allow you to focus on designing & configuring.





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The Spring ’17 Release brings lots of Salesforce’s most requested usability enhancements. Artificial intelligence is now built directly into the platform & reports & dashboards continue to benefit from a “bolt or two of Lightning.” Updates to Community workspaces make our clients community management tasks even easier while fine-tuning customize objects & fields.


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