EHR vs CRM: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

COVID-19 has already and will continue to shift the healthcare experience for patients. As healthcare continues to become more virtual, the importance of maintaining a quality EHR strategy increases. Furthermore, the importance of personalized outreach due to healthcare consumerization has made it necessary to take them to the next level with CRMs.

The Historic EHR Advantages Most healthcare practitioners have seen the advantages of electronic health records (EHR) over paper charts. The immediate benefits, including on-demand access,...

Mobilizing a Personalized Patient Engagement Strategy

Penrod partnered with Numotion, the leading provider of complex rehab technology in the United States. Numotion’s marketing strategy was focused
almost entirely on communications. In order to help more people with their vital rehab technology, the marketing team developed new strategies that would engage broader audiences. It became clear that their current marketing automation system was not up to the challenge.

Is Salesforce Health Cloud the Right Fit for Your Organization?

At Penrod, we often have health care clients ask if Salesforce Health Cloud is the right fit for them. From satellite clinics to larger healthcare systems and specialty offices, our answer is yes.

Sticky What is Salesforce Health Cloud?In a nutshell, Salesforce Health Cloud builds on the core Salesforce CRM and Service Cloud with features designed exclusively for patients,...

Creating a 360° View of the Patient in a Centralized Platform

Penrod partnered with a pharmaceutical company that manufactures treatments for rare bone cancer disorders in children, specifically related Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP). In order to maximize the reach of its
treatments, our client needed robust
insight into those suffering from FOP, and a
process to refer them to high-quality physicians.

New FDA Guidelines for Accelerating COVID-19 Treatments

This week, the FDA released new guidelines for innovators conducting research into COVID-19 prevention and treatment options. These new guidances build on the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program (CTAP), an FDA program that accelerates distribution of new treatments to patients in need. We summarize what you need to know.

According to FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn: Accelerating the investigation of safe and effective therapies that could benefit people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is one...

Salesforce Disaster Recovery: Backing up Data and Metadata

As Salesforces’ backup recovery solution rides into the sunset, what are you doing to protect your business from data loss?

In July of this year, the paid Salesforce disaster recovery service will be sunset. Here’s what healthcare providers need to know about storing PHI. Malicious...