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Salesforce Managed Services

When it comes to helping our clients become Salesforce rockstars, we do it all. From implementation to maintenance, CPQ to Field Service Lightning, we’ll partner with you to find the right Salesforce managed services solution for your business so you can reachand exceedyour goals.

Our services don’t end once your Salesforce instance is up and running. Salesforce stands out in a sea of platforms because it is always evolving and improving to help your business run better, do more, and enjoy greater success. We’ll help you maximize that investment, and even improve your ROI, by providing the value of continued support. Not quite sure what you need? We’ve laid out four key areas where we can help remotely. Check out what we do for you and then let’s connect about our Salesforce managed services.

The Penrod Boost 

Is your Salesforce instance running great, but could use a facelift? No problemPenrod has the solution. The Penrod Boost allows you to access Salesforce Certified Developers, Salesforce Administrators, and Project Coordinators for the hours committed to within your contract. They'll partner with your team to pinpoint key maintenance needed within your Salesforce Implementation, so you'll have continuous support to drive user adoption. With the Penrod Boost you'll enjoy:
  • Valuable, continued support of your Salesforce instance
  • Efficiency and strategies to keep your business running smoothly
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Remote Salesforce Administrator

You've made a wise investment in Salesforce. Harness its full power with a Salesforce Administrator. Penrod's Remote Staff Augmentation allows clients access to a Salesforce Certified Administrator for either half time or full time. They’ll create user-friendly tools to improve your processes, like dashboards, smart workflows, and apps for your projects. With their deep knowledge and leadership, they can help your business run smoothly. Maintenance of your implementation requires consistent attention, that’s why Penrod’s Salesforce Administrator program can drive all your configuration needs, such as:
  • User Management
  • Security Policies
  • Data Quality
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Salesforce user interface
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Remote Salesforce Developer

You use and love Salesforce; now it’s time to take it up a notch with more customizations to meet your unique business needs. Penrod can help. Our Remote Staff Augmentation offers you access to a Salesforce Certified Developer for either half time or full time, your choice. They’ll oversee coding customizations and refactoring, using Apex and Lightning components. Penrod’s Salesforce Developer program can:
  • Drive code-based maintenance
  • Enhance user interface with Lightning components
  • Create enhancements to your existing instance
  • Develop integrations to your current Salesforce instance
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Remote Salesforce Architect

If it’s time to do some heavy lifting, like overhauling your business solutions and integrating your external systems into your current platform, you’ll need Penrod's remote Salesforce Architect. This full or part-time team member will provide critical architecture expertise and build out your existing Salesforce instance. Maintenance of your implementation requires consistent attention, so your Salesforce Architect will:
  • Drive solution best practices
  • Build out system enhancements, including development and integrations to your current Salesforce instance
  • Look at your big-picture goals and strategize systems for success
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Aaron Manogue


We are a small-to-medium sized business in the association industry and making the move to Salesforce was a HUGE investment and change for our company. There was a lot of fear internally about making the switch and making it successful. We decided to go with Penrod to help lead our implementation to fit our very unique needs and they hit it out of the park.

Every worry we had, they had an answer for. Every time we picked up the phone and called, they answered. They did a great job of challenging us to question our current processes to use Salesforce in the right way, which in the end improved a lot of time-consuming things we do on a daily basis.

Thomas Keyack


Curexa Pharmacy worked closely with the Penrod Team to build out an internal clinical management and workflow optimization tool as well as a CRM for our field team. The Penrod team’s high touch communication and tenacity allowed them to become in tune with the challenges our organization faces and truly understand how to create a meaningful solution via HealthCloud.

Collectively, Penrod’s collaboration has left an immense impact on our technology and ultimately our business, [and] helped us positively change the way we do business.

Tim Myers


In looking for a company to assist us in the implementation of CPQ, Penrod quickly came to the top of the list. We met with Penrod who spent a lot of time understanding our products, price book, and how we currently produce quotes. In many instances, we wanted to make sure that we did not implement our exact processes that have today, but rather use the power of CPQ and the experience the Penrod has in the industry to implement CPQ in our System.

In the end, we ended up with a great implementation and a Partner that we will continue to work with as we look for other modules and/or automation to implement in Salesforce for years to come.

Mark Spatafore


My company loves reports. To that end, we all felt the session on reporting capabilities through Salesforce was extremely productive. When we were in this session, people around the room were in unison with an understanding as to why we are made this investment and are switching to this new system.

The attention to detail, and Penrod’s immediacy in responding to our many build requests, has made for a better overall user experience and lends credibility to the great project team who have been working with us. It’s these factors that give me the confidence to know that Penrod will assist us in making this transition happen smoothly when we go live.

Darren Darst

Professional Services

Change is never easy and often very daunting for a small organization. So when it was time to change our CRM to Salesforce, in partnership with Penrod…the fear factor certainly set in. However, through multiple in-person meetings, brainstorming sessions, and complete customer service, Penrod has become a true partner for years to come.

Our experience with Penrod goes beyond those associated with our project/implementation. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting most of Penrod’s ever growing team. I look forward to the on-going relationship/partnership our organization has begun in the years that lie ahead.

Ryan Frank

Financial Services

We (Financial Services publicly traded) have worked with Penrod for the last 8 months. We are very happy with them because of their positive attitude and willingness to help. Our original consulting company only talked about how much work/cost enhancements would be.

We have found that Penrod truly puts their clients needs first. They have hit every deadline, and continue to impress our organization with their Salesforce capabilities. Additionally, we appreciate the personal time that even the owners of the company take, to talk with us about our needs and frustrations. We recommend giving Penrod an opportunity to win your business.

Donn Kim


Penrod was a fantastic partner in getting our CRM up and running, learning the nuances of our business along the way. We collaborated to create a right-sized solution that can grow with us, and remain a core system as we continue to build out the associated infrastructure. They were extremely communicative throughout, and always willing to be onsite with us to guide us through the process, from requirements gathering to handoff.

Chris Naleway


Incredible consultant to work with! Penrod helped us implement our client community, pardot and service cloud instance into our organization. They were extremely knowledgeable and always went out of their way to ensure we were getting the most out of the solutions. They are always enjoyable to work with and continue to be a trusted consulting partner of ours for every salesforce project, solution or 3rd party app.

Kristin Iden


I particularly appreciated the size and agility of Penrod as our implementation partner. There was no high pressure, just steady progress, and reassurance, which to a small non-profit makes the world of difference in accomplishing a project with a limited internal staff.

Peter Martensen


A fantastic company to work with! We felt that Penrod really understood what we expected from the project. They understood that we were learning about Salesforce and what could be done. As we learned about more of the capabilities, we asked for more product features, and Penrod was willing to work with us to add them to the Scope of Work. The communication was excellent throughout the entire project. They reached out to us if there was any ambiguity so they wouldn’t do work that had to be changed later.

Ivan Imana


We reinvested in CRM solution after years of stagnation and have made a key component in our strategic growth. That meant a reimplementation, the decision came down to Salesforce and another CRM and also who would be providing professional services. The selection for Salesforce was based upon the expertise that Penrod brought to the table around CRM. They have worked with us in learning our culture and were flexible in how to deliver our desired solution. This was a substantial investment for our organization.

Cheryl Janda


I’ve worked with a number of Salesforce consultancy companies, and I have found the folks at Penrod to be very energetic, creative, and most importantly very responsive to my needs. The communication has been exceptional with numerous email updates, phone calls, and virtual meetings, all of which makes working with the Penrod team very much a team effort. They have actively listened to my issues and suggestions/ideas and have always made me feel as though my needs are their number one priority.

Bryce Boyd


After the decision to use Salesforce was made, the decision to find a partner to help us set up Salesforce needed to be made. After meeting with Penrod we knew we found the right partner. They quickly understood our business (Manufacturing) of multiple product lines to various parts of the country. And helped us develop key directions and reporting of product lines.

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