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We’re Celebrating Our 1 Year Salesforce Saturday Anniversary!

If you’ve spent any time in the Salesforce Ohana, you know that Salesforce offers lots of material to keep users and admins learning and on top of changes in the Salesforce ecosystem. The problem is, that keeping up with the steady stream of new learning material, studying for certifications, and earning new Trailhead badges doesn’t often happen during the work week.

That’s why, a few years back, a Salesforce MVP named Stephanie Herrera realized that admins and users she worked with wanted to keep learning and growing in their Salesforce knowledge, but they struggled to keep up, so she started something called Salesforce Saturday where she met with her local Salesforce community over coffee and they worked together on learning more about Salesforce. Stephanie’s idea took off and Salesforce Saturday became a global movement.

Salesforce Saturday in MKE

When we heard about Salesforce Saturday, we knew we needed to bring it to Milwaukee. We partnered up with WI Salesforce Saturday to start hosting our own monthly event where local Salesforce admin and users can come and work on earning their next Trailhead badge, study up for the next certification, talk out roadblocks with other Salesforce users, and connect with new friends.

Now it’s been a whole year! We started Milwaukee’s Salesforce Saturday a year ago this July, and since then, our own team and other local Salesforce admins and users have used the time to troubleshoot, problem solve, ask questions from Salesforce experts, and reach the next level.

Why do we do it?

The Salesforce community has empowered Penrod’s team to help our clients and we want to give back to that community. Salesforce Saturday is just one way we do that. We want to help everyone in the Salesforce Ohana earn the skills they need to succeed. Our doors are open to everyone from people who have never touched Salesforce in their lives to people who live and breathe Salesforce.

We work with each newcomer to get them on the right path and find where to start on Trailhead. As often as possible, we try to work with them one-on-one because we believe in the #BAM (Be A Multiplier) method – if we can educate one person, all we ask is that they do the same for the next person. We encourage everyone to bring guests so we can introduce even more people to Salesforce.

What should you expect?

When you come, bring yourself, your laptop, and a readiness to learn! You don’t need any special skills ahead of time, because we’ll help anyone new to Salesforce figure out how to jumpstart their Salesforce journey. We’re excited to have you and we always have some delicious snacks to power your learning process!

We’re celebrating!

We’re thrilled with all the progress we’ve seen in our local Salesforce community in the past year, and we want to celebrate all the wins Salesforce Saturday has helped us achieve. So join us on Saturday, July 14 at 9:00am for mimosas as we toast to our first year and many more to come. Can’t wait to see you there!