Meet Penrod's Newest Family Members!

July 10th, 2018 • 4 min read

A huge part of our company's culture is putting people first. We value getting to know each of our employees on a personal level so as to foster an open, collaborative community that inspires teamwork and mutual success. Over the past few months, Penrod has been thrilled to welcome six new hires to our company. Gabe Bickus started in March as our Talent Acquisition Manager in Milwaukee. In June, Allison and Nick joined Penrod as Salesforce Developers in our Milwaukee office, Ani started as a Data Specialist in Milwaukee, Vanessa became our Operations Assistant in Milwaukee, and Becky is a Project Manager at our office in Minneapolis. Get to know our newest hires as they talk about their love for dogs, run-ins with royals, and what they like most about Penrod in their first few weeks!

What made you choose Penrod?

Gabe: I heard about Penrod, its great culture and it being a great place to work for young professionals for a few years before joining. However, the interview with the VP of Engagement made a lasting impression as he talked about a culture of continuous learning and team first attitude where employees genuinely care for each other.

Allison: Ultimately, the people. I had a smooth interview process; everyone was so welcoming and I felt like I fit in before I even started.

Vanessa: I heard about Penrod through someone at Marquette, who told me that it was a newer, forward-thinking company in one of Milwaukee's best neighborhoods. After a few rounds of interviews, learning about the collaborative culture, seeing the office in person and meeting a few more people, I was sold. I knew it was the right fit.

Ani: Their motto of “Culture+Accountability”. Penrod has one of the most fun and relaxing work environments, and the people here take their work seriously but not themselves. They're fun, easy-going but extremely smart and hard working individuals, and I want to be just like them!

Becky: Culture, period. It's a true embodiment of everyone working toward the same goal.

Nick: The chance to work as part of a dynamic, flexible, fun, and results-driven team in an industry that keeps on growing.

What are you most excited for at Penrod?

Gabe: I'm excited for the future. Penrod has matured a lot in the last few years. We're implementing a ton of processes that we didn't have before. I'm very excited to put together an official onboarding program which should make the transition for each new Penrodian smoother.

Allison: I'm definitely looking forward to learning something new and just diving right in. It's really cool to know that I'll have the support of my co-workers during the process, too.

Vanessa: Actually enjoying a full-time work week! Coming out of college, I was a little scared of the big change but I actually look forward to coming in every day. I feel like I'm always learning and growing in a lot of ways.

Ani: Penrod is still very much a growing, changing company. I'm very excited to see where the company goes and what my role will be in this direction of growth.

Becky: Developing and growing the Marketing Services practice. Woo hoo!

Nick: I'm excited to learn new skills every day. Being part of Penrod's Development team means we get to work on everything and anything Salesforce-related, from Lightning apps and Visualforce pages, to data connectors and Heroku server apps. I love tackling technical challenges and expanding my skills toolset, so this is a huge plus for me.

What do you like most about your position so far?

Gabe: It's the people. I enjoy going to work every day. Everyone helps each other and strives to make each other better. Collaboration is a huge part of everyone's role here at Penrod - we have a lot of really sharp employees that are willing to share their knowledge.

Allison: I love the general atmosphere. It's such a fun environment and everyone is so quickly willing to help. Oh, and the dogs. Definitely love the dogs.

Vanessa: Every day is different. There's not a boring, monotonous routine, so I never know what to expect when I walk through the door — in a good way! I also feel like my position allows me to interact with a lot of different people from various teams.

Ani: I like how I'm being challenged and pushed to learn new things, and despite it only being a few weeks, I feel like I'm growing my skill set at a good pace.

Becky: It's all about making this happen... and that's what I'm about.

Nick: The cold-brew coffee on tap. Also, the open-plan office means there is great communication between the different teams.

What's something interesting about yourself?

Gabe: I was born in Lithuania and moved to the US when I was 12 years old.

Allison: I occasionally swing dance at Pabst Brewery.

Vanessa: I'm ambidextrous, so I don't really have a dominant hand.

Ani: I learned to ride a motorcycle when I was 16.

Becky: I met Prince Charles in 2001. Nice fella.

Nick: Learning languages is a hobby of mine; I speak German and Swedish, and am (slowly...) working on Russian and Spanish as well.

Penrod is always looking for ways to expand our company in an impactful, meaningful way. We love meeting new people, adding talent to our team and cultivating the skills they bring to the table. We chatted with Gabe recently to hear a little more about the kind of potential hires he's searching for as our new Talent Acquisition Manager.

Penrod is not a company that has strict requirements regarding years of experience, degree, and certifications. We look for aptitude. We want to bring on individuals that are problem solvers - people that can figure things out and will always put that first.

- Gabe Bickus

Our company, named the #1 Place to Work for Young Professionals in Wisconsin for three years in a row, looks for individuals who are a good fit within the company's unique, tight-knit and team-driven culture.

The hiring process at Penrod is longer than other companies', but it serves a purpose. Most importantly, we want to make sure Penrod is the right place for you. A ton of benefits are given to our employees, but it requires a lot of commitment and accountability. We want employees to be immersed in our culture and be passionate about what they do.

- Gabe Bickus

If you're interested in getting on board with a rapidly growing, collaborative and forward-thinking company, learn more about us! We'd love to hear from you and explore your potential with Penrod.