Connecting Patients with Medications that Help Them Live Their Lives to the Fullest

MedBox is a specialty pharmacy that strives to care for patients like they were family. They collaborate with the entire health care ecosystem, including payors, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies to help patients with rare and chronic conditions attain access to the best medication, financial help, and education.

Prior to Penrod, MedBox managed patients, pharmacies, and opportunities in spreadsheets. Due to rapid growth, MedBox realized it would need an automated platform – not spreadsheets – in order to continue providing the experience its patients had come to depend on.


Inadequate patient management, complex and manual referral process, and poor insights


A platform built on Health Cloud that would synchronize data, provide self-service options, and create actionable insights


Streamlined referral management, unified data, and analytics that improve performance

The Challenge

Disparate data in spreadsheets and pharmacy management systems

Because MedBox uses a pharmacy management system that doesn’t focus on opportunity management, they were forced to track patients in spreadsheets.

Furthermore, physician referrals were collected via fax and email, leading to additional manual efforts that could lead to errors, inefficiencies, and poor physician experiences.

The team needed a centralized system to house patient information, intake referrals, and provide actionable insights. It became clear that MedBox needed to re-imagine its processes in order to continue providing the amazing experience its patients depend on.

The Solution

Salesforce Health Cloud, Experience Cloud, and a Custom Integration

Penrod and MedBox worked together to envision a centralized platform that would:

  • Synchronize prospective and current patients with their clinical, insurance, and prescription data so that opportunities could be managed more effectively
  • Deliver a robust self-service portal to enhance the provider referral process in order to eliminate manual work
  • Centralize important data into dashboards to create actionable insights to improve operations in real time

Health Cloud offers a 360-degree view of the patient, including clinical, insurance, prescription info, and communication preferences. MedBox would be able to better manage referrals from opportunity to patient, meaning that data would be accessible and actionable.

Experience Cloud will provide a user-friendly provider portal, ensuring that patients can be easily referred and instantly imported into the pharmacy management platform and Health Cloud – eliminating timely and error-prone manual processes.

Penrod worked with the pharmacy management platform to ensure seamless integration between all systems in MedBox’s tech stack.


The Results

Better patient and provider experiences

As a result of Penrod's Health Cloud implementation, MedBox saw a number of immediate improvements.

Unified Data

MedBox gained 360-degree views of every patient

Unified Systems

Health Cloud aggregates important data from all systems, improving accessibility

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