Streamlining the Intake Process to Increase Access to Care.

At a patient level, intake needs to be convenient, seamless, and easy in order for care to be as widely available as possible.

At the clinical level, intake can be a complicated process that relies on manual processes, multiple systems, and antiquated web experiences. When you pair those pain points with overwhelming volume, the process becomes strained and will ultimately stunt growth.

In order to make their therapies as widely accessible as possible, Autism Learning Partners needed a standalone platform that would improve patient and agent experiences.


The intake process relied on manual entry across multiple platforms that made agents less productive, increased errors, and lengthened conversion times


Salesforce Health Cloud seamlessly tracks patients across every state of the intake process


Faster intake, higher patient satisfaction, and improved efficiency

The Challenge

Improving agent, patient, and stakeholder experiences

Manual processes and disparate systems were causing pain for agents, patients, and executive stakeholders.

Agent Experiences
Like many specialty clinics, much of the onboarding process relied on manual activities. In this case, patient intake relied on repetitive data entry across multiple platforms. This resulted in less productive agents, repetitive tasks, more errors, and long patient conversion cycles. Without more automated solutions, agent burnout is far more likely.

Patient Experience
Much of the patient experience was based on paper. This meant that antiquated forms, manual workflows, and disparate systems made the patient onboarding experience more complicated, time-intensive, and impersonal than necessary.

Executive Stakeholders
The existing system wasn't capable of robust data analysis. Additionally, it wasn't easy to create high-level dashboards to communicate the most important metrics. This meant that executive stakeholders lacked visibility into the health of the patient intake funnel, limiting their ability to make data-based decisions that would grow the practice.

The Solution

A single onboarding platform built on the power, scalability, and security of Salesforce Health Cloud

Penrod suggested a tailored Health Cloud implementation to provide a streamlined, accessible, and convenient patient experience during intake. The platform would completely digitize forms, automate manual processes, and unify data.

Penrod configured Health Cloud’s robust engagement capabilities to seamlessly track patients across every state of the intake process. This enabled patients to provide information via digital forms - meaning that agents no longer needed to manually enter data. Agents now had the single source of truth they needed to provide amazing experiences.

Since data was now centralized, it could be easily analyzed. Stakeholders were given access to data-rich dashboards that gave them the insight they needed to make real-time, data-based decisions that would improve operational efficiency.


The Results

Streamlined access to behavioral health

As a result of Penrod's Pardot implementation, Autism Learning Partners saw a number of immediate improvements.

Faster Intake

Patients are onboarded significantly faster

Robust Reporting

Dashboards deliver key insights to stakeholders throughout the organization

Unified Data

Data is stored in one central, accessible system of record

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