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The quality of a customer lifecycle management strategy not only impacts satisfaction, but also the amount of repeating revenue that is generated from positive experiences.

If field service, sales, and leadership aren't on the same page, service becomes a complicated process that relies on manual contract renewal, multiple systems, and antiquated inventory control.

In order to make service delivery more seamless, Agena Bioscience needed a single platform that would automate service contracts, unify data, and provide robust mobile tools for field service agents. Ideally, the system would connect service, sales, and leadership for complete service lifecycle management.


Tasks like warranty renewals, technician dispatch, and service alerts relied on manual processes, decreasing service efficiency and increasing operational overhead.


Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning ensured contract renewal, field service dispatch, and inventory management were automated.


Higher customer satisfaction, and improved efficiency

The Challenge

Manual Service Contract Management Procceses Creating operational overhead

Manual processes and disparate systems were causing pain for agents and executive stakeholders.

Manual Contract Renewal
As service contracts expired, the system didn't alert sales team members automatically. This meant that sales reps were not only spending time tracking contract status, but renewals could potentially lapse. Not only would this result in revenue loss, but also customers who were unaware that their warranty had expired.

Customer Case Management
Technicians were unable to sort cases by status in the existing case management solution. Additionally, similar cases weren't related to one another, meaning manual searches were necessary to access knowledge from previously resolved issues. This caused more work for field service engineers and meant customers had to wait longer for answers to their questions.

Furthermore, agents weren't alerted when cases, installs, or service visits became past due.

Agent Dispatch
As customer issues were identified, it was unclear who owned the account. As a result, manual work was required to open a case, identify potential solutions, and assign field service engineers. This manual workflow resulted in slower responses to customer cases and increased administrative overhead.

The Solution

A service lifecycle management platform built on the power, scalability, and mobility of Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning

Penrod suggested implementing Field Service Lighting alongside the existing Service Cloud environment to provide a streamlined, accessible, and mobile platform for field engineers, sales reps, and service agents. The platform would completely automate contracting, warranty renewals, and agent dispatch to create faster, higher-quality case resolutions.

Automated Contracting
In the new platform, sales reps had robust access to the accounts they owned. Workflows alerted account owners when contracts were set to expire so that they could increase renewal rates. Additionally, it became much easier to forecast pipeline by account and create change orders. This made it much easier to predict the profitability of service contracts, enabling leaders in the organization to make better business decisions.

Automated Case Management & Dispatch
Cases could now be sorted by a variety of criteria, including type, date added, date completed, and if it was past due. Additionally, workflows would automatically assign cases to the best possible field service engineer based on expertise, certifications, language preferences, and more. This not only ensured faster case resolutions but better customer experiences.


The Results

Full control over contract lifecycle management in one system

As a result of Penrod's Field Service Lightning implementation, Agena Bioscience saw a number of immediate improvements.

Stronger Relationships

Proactive communication around contract status and more efficient customer service.

Robust Reporting

Dashboards deliver key insights to stakeholders throughout the organization

Unified Data

Data is stored in one central, accessible system of record

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