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LifeStation is a leading provider of alert monitoring and telehealth technology for seniors. Their solutions transform lives, helping people live safely, independently, and in the comfort of their own homes. LifeStation also focuses on the well-being of caregivers, providing them with the peace of mind they need to better manage their busy lives.

Prior to Penrod, LifeStation used a homegrown platform and separate Salesforce instance to manage patient information, quotes, and orders.

LifeStation realized that while the existing system was functional, it would not scale with the rapid growth they expected.


Unscalable quoting platform, inconsistent processes, and poor insights


A platform built on Sales Cloud and CPQ that would automate processes, streamline account creation, and provide robust analytics


Unified data, robust reporting, and streamlined quote generation

The Challenge

Relacing a homegrown quoting platform

Unscalable Platform
The existing homegrown solution would not scale with LifeStation’s growth expectations. Key processes that customer service representatives rely on to provide great customer experiences were not automated, meaning that manual data entry during phone support lead to operational inefficiencies.

Inconsistent processes
Disparate systems siloed basic actions like creating accounts, generating quotes, and accessing patient information, making customer service representatives (CSR) less efficient.

Poor Insights
Disparate data meant that key stakeholders lacked visibility into the most important activities and processes, making it difficult to make metrics-based business decisions

The Solution

Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ

Penrod and Lifestation worked together to envision a centralized platform.

Sales Cloud
Sales Cloud’s standard and custom objects makes it possible to manage accounts, contacts, opportunities, quotes, call information, and campaigns in one integrated platform. This streamlined account generation, contact management, quote generation, and order submission through a user-friendly interface.

Aditionally, data-rich dashboards enabled key stakeholders in leadership to make metrics-based decisions with complete visibility into the analytics that mattered.

Salesforce CPQ automates formerly manual processes like record creation with dynamic lookup, discounting, product pricing, and opportunity creation - allowing CSRs to simply focus on providing amazing service. This ensured that the correct information was gathered during phone support, leading to better patient experiences.


The Results

Accessible, reliable testing

As a result of Penrod's Sales Cloud and CPQ implementation, Lifestation saw a number of immediate improvements.

Better Patient Experience

Digital forms, patient consent, and scheduling

Efficient Testing Sites

Mobile friendly patient intake, verification, and sample collection

Robust Reporting

Data-rich dashboards enabled key stakeholders in leadership to make metrics-based decisions

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