Transforming THE CALL CENTER

Fresenius Medical Care North America has a bustling call center dedicated to helping patients and members. However, their existing platforms were reducing efficiencies. Managers were unable to quickly generate reports and customer service reps spent a large amount of time toggling between systems— time that could be better spent dedicated to customer case resolution. Penrod implemented Salesforce Service Cloud, to help unify the data, automate processes, reduce “toggle time,” and revolutionize the caller experience.


Disorganized knowledge base and manual support processes


Tailored Salesforce Service Cloud solution with a streamlined ticketing system


Integrated data, faster resolutions, and automated ticketing

The Challenge

Manual processes in a bustling call center

Disparate Systems
One of the main challenges the Fresenius RTG customer service team faced was using several different systems to maintain member information, store call records and notes, and automate daily call sheets. Because the systems did not integrate seamlessly, CSRs were forced to toggle between platforms on a regular basis to find information, which slowed down processes and hindered efficiency.

Knowledge and specific verbiage that the team needed for calls was spread across multiple systems. Because of this, CSRs had to search for the appropriate information, which was housed in different locations, while on the call with members. This lack of platform integration resulted in extended call times and protracted case resolution.

Manual Processes
As part of their processes, the customer service team documented member calls and the actions taken during the calls. Notes were documented manually in a section of their one siloed platform. These notes were often referenced by CSRs; however, because the platforms weren’t integrated, CSRs had to manually search through all the notes. This manual process was not only time-consuming, it increased the risk of information being accidentally deleted or lost.

Additionally, as part of the team’s processes, daily call sheets were generated. A single team member was required to review each call sheet to ensure members received phone call reminders about upcoming prescription renewals. Because the process was labor intensive, it took much of the team’s time, keeping them from spending time with callers to ensure their needs were met and helping successfully resolve member cases.

The Solution

Service Cloud Implementation

After working alongside Fresenius to learn more about their processes, current pain points, and ideal future state, Penrod implemented a customized Salesforce Service Cloud solution based on their specific business needs, inclusive of a streamlined ticketing system. The platform helps CSRs easily manage and track member cases from start to finish by keeping all member data in one centralized location. Salesforce Service Cloud integrates with many other tools CSRs need to perform their jobs to offer them a complete 360-degree view of patients and member cases from one centralized location.

As part of the implementation, Penrod configured Fresenius’s Service Cloud so CSRs can segment cases by type, offering a more organized and streamlined tracking system. In addition, the paperwork CSRs completed during and after each call is now completed digitally within Salesforce to keep all call documentation in one secure location, which reduces the risk of the information being lost or deleted.


The Results


Penrod integrated Fresenius’s previous platform—which stored member data—with Salesforce, so Salesforce can quickly pull existing member data directly into the existing platform. Pairing these systems together provides the information needed for a custom search feature in Fresenius’s Service Cloud instance, so CSRs can easily search for and find members while on calls.

CSRs previously used email for member interactions, yet another system for them to navigate back and forth. Now, all member communication happens in Salesforce Service Cloud and is logged in the cases as part of the 360-view of a member’s profile.

Automation has helped streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors. In Salesforce Service Cloud, cases can now be assigned to the appropriate customer service team member to populate a notification, instead of physically finding the correct person and handing them the assignment. Today case resolution is expedited, resulting in improved efficiency within the call center and greater customer satisfaction.

With Service Cloud, many CSR tasks are automated, such as generating daily call sheets and automatically creating cases for members that require prescription reminders. This process improvement allows team members to spend more time actively working with members instead of managing paperwork.

Faster Resolution

Streamlined processes reduced call and issue resolution times


Automated ticketing fully complements workflows and increases productivity

Robust Reporting

Salesforce Service Cloud gives Fresenius a full view of each case, impactful insights on handle times, open case numbers, and number of cases yet to be resolved

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