At a patient level, testing options need to be convenient in order to be widely adopted.

Beyond that, testing is a complicated process relying on interactions between laboratories, healthcare professionals, state organizations, and federal departments.

In order to make life-saving testing as widely accessible as possible, Daybreak and Penrod needed to create a platform capable of patient intake, lab coordination, sample collection, and a means to deliver the results in meaningful ways.


Manual patient intake, manual scheduling, and sample collection


A platform built on Health Cloud that ensured testing was fast, reliable, and convenient for patients


Automated digital experiences, flexible testing, and rapid results

The Challenge

Manual processes for intake, scheduling, and sample collection

Patient Intake
Patients interested in tests needed an easy way to create a profile rich with demographic and health information, provide consent, view location-based testing sites, and schedule appointments.

Labs needed a platform to verify patient insurance, determine test types (Acute PCR or Antibody) through a decision tree, and provide patients with location-based testing sites.

Sample Collection
Testing sites needed a platform to verify patient identity in order to view the laboratory order.

In order for the process to work, results needed to be passed not only to the patient, but state and federal agencies for analysis.

The Solution

SalesFORCE HEALTH CLOUD AND Experience Cloud

Penrod and Daybreak worked together to envision a centralized platform built with Health Cloud and Experience Cloud.

Health Cloud
Health Cloud’s standard and custom objects makes it possible to seamlessly manage the complicated relationships between patients, laboratories, and government entities in one system.

Experience Cloud
Community Cloud enables patients to schedule appointments on a secure portal.

Additionally, an administrative portal enables laboratories to view secured patient data.

Penrod Implementation
The best technology demands the best partner. Penrod focuses solely on Health and Life Science partners, so we were able to implement the ideal solution for Daybreak.


The Results

Accessible, reliable testing

As a result of Penrod's Health and Experience Cloud implementation, Daybreak saw a number of immediate improvements.

Better Patient Experience

Digital forms, patient consent, and scheduling

Improved Testing Sites

Mobile friendly patient intake, verification, and sample collection

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