Custom solutions that help patients mobilize their lives

Numotion is the leading provider of complex rehab technology (CRT) in the United States.They help thousands of people with custom configured mobility products and services. From manual and powered wheelchairs to disposable medical supplies that serve unique medical and functional needs, they are vital to helping people live more freely.

Numotion’s marketing strategy was focused almost entirely on communications. In order to help more people with their vital rehab technology, the marketing team developed new strategies that would engage broader audiences.

It became clear that their current marketing automation system was not up to the challenge.


Tactical marketing initiatives, unscalable automation platform, and disparate systems increased operational cost


A Marketing Cloud implementation that connected marketing with sales, provided robust patient journeys, and streamlined communications


Personalized marketing, unified data, and robust patient engagement

The Challenge

The current marketing automation tool was causing stagnation

Numotion was looking to focus less on straight marcomm, and more on revenue generation. They wanted marketing programs to reach more individuals in need of assistance, and take them on meaningful digital journeys that identified ways they could help with innovative CRT solutions.

Furthermore, non-integrated systems made it difficult to qualify and reach out to potential prospects quickly. Sales reps relied on exported lists from the current marketing automation tool, so data wasn’t real-time.

Soon, it became clear that Salesforce was the only ecosystem robust enough to meet the requirements of Numotion’s marketing plans.

The Solution

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Penrod and Numotion worked together to envision a centralized platform that would:

  • Connect marketing data with the sales platform, ensuring that interactions, activity, and requests allowed sales to act.
  • Provide robust email sending with a dedicated IP, domain authentication, preference center, and dynamic senders to ensure high deliverability.
  • Write and configure digital journeys to nurture customers and prospects with valuable content at the right time.

As a result, the implementation added new capabilities:

Tools that capture interest, track points of engagement, and manage leads and existing customers.

Integrations that ensure sales reps follow-up on leads with personal outreach at exactly the right time.

Journeys that trigger based on real-time events and predicted behavior to meaningfully engage prospects.

Segmentation that allows robust personalization based on purchase behavior, activities, and demographics.


The Results

Personalized marketing

As a result of Penrod's Marketing Cloud implementation, Numotion saw a number of immediate improvements.

Better Patient Experience

Personalized marketing creates authentic relationships

Unified Data

One platform to capture interest, track points of engagement, and manage leads and existing customers.

Automated Marketing

Journeys trigger based on real-time events and predict behavior to meaningfully engage prospects

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