Redefining a complex quoting process

Cambrex Pharma Solutions is a contract development, manufacturing, and testing organization that conducts testing for its partner organizations around the world. Cambrex performs early stage discovery, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and drug product development, as well as cGMP manufacturing and analytical and microbiology testing support.

Cambrex accepts thousands of samples for testing from organizations each year. However, they had difficulty tracking incoming samples, particularly those that were incorrectly labeled due to human error. Additionally, the quoting process was cumbersome. Cambrex looked to Penrod to develop a solution to enhance their tracking process and accelerate quoting to stay competitive and offer clients a streamlined, user-friendly experience.


Difficulty tracking incoming samples, particularly those that were incorrectly labeled due to human error. Additionally, the quoting process was complex and defined by manual processes.


Salesforce CPQ allowed quotes to be configured quickly without error, automated the quoting process, and unified data.


Faster quote generation, higher quote accuracy, better selling insights



Although Cambrex had previously purchased Salesforce CPQ, they had not been actively using it. This led to an inability to track incoming samples, a needlessly complex quoting process, and little insight to key performance metrics. With their current platform, Cambrex’s team had no way to track incoming samples or the processes and steps needed to complete the testing process. The existing system did not allow them to see what samples were en route to be tested. In addition, Cambrex’s entire quoting process was lengthy and cumbersome. Instead of building relationships with clients, the sales team was busy with administrative tasks.

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) was also difficult. Cambrex had little insight into where they stood among the competition because they had no way to report KPIs. Their competitors had tools that allowed them to see how well they were performing, hard data on how their services could be improved, and methods to track and improve processes.

A more effectively integrated CPQ would enable Cambrex to surpass that. In addition to these challenges, Cambrex’s existing CPQ was not integrated with their other software programs, which made keeping data consistent across systems challenging. Team members had to switch between the two platforms and cross-check items to ensure data and quotes remained accurate.

The Solution

Salesforce CPQ + Experience Cloud

After reviewing Cambrex’s needs and current platforms, Penrod built out Salesforce CPQ to configure quotes quickly without error, automate the quote process, and integrate other software. Penrod also implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud to provide Cambrex’s clients a more streamlined and user friendly experience.

Salesforce CPQ helps the sales team maximize efficiency with its power to configure quotes quickly while eliminating errors that could occur during manual quote creation.

The team also benefits from better tracking capabilities, as well as automated approvals to keep quotes and pricing consistent.

Implementing Experience Cloud has improved the client user experience, as well. Here, clients can start a quote and, as more features are rolled out, learn more about which kinds of tests they need. They can also use Cambrex’s client community to request tests. Each request becomes an automated quote sent directly to Cambrex’s team. Once a quote is submitted, it goes through the approval process, and an Cambrex team member guides the client through the quote, providing a seamless experience.

Experience Cloud Benefits
The Avisita team also benefits from the Experience Cloud. The team leverages this community to help clients determine exactly what tests they need to ensure they are ordering the proper tests. Once the client chooses their tests, the system creates a sample submission form and generates the form for the client to send to Cambrex.


The Results


Penrod’s Salesforce CPQ implementation has helped Cambrex enhance its tracking process, streamline the quoting process, and create a user-friendly experience for both the sales team and their clients. Salesforce CPQ enables the sales team to send out more quotes in a shorter time frame. Now, instead of spending valuable time trying to find out what types of products clients need, the Cambrex team can leverage the automated process to ensure clients purchase the right products the first time.

Cambrex’s clients also benefit from the new community, which allows them access to more information and a greater understanding of Cambrex’s products. The self-serve quoting system moves them through the quoting process faster and ensures their orders are accurate and fit their needs.

Penrod’s implementation of Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Experience Cloud has helped streamline and improve Cambrex’s internal processes from start to finish, creating an optimal, seamless user experience for both internal and external clients.

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