Company culture is not just a perk.

Proactive, forward-thinking professionals and employers are considering culture with as much weight as salary and paid time off. That’s why Penrod has intentionally created a culture that is sure to attract exceptional, driven, and community-minded people...people like you!

Revenue remote

Account Executive

Our Account Executives work in partnership with Salesforce and internal teammates to prospect and sell innovative healthcare solutions directly to Commercial and Enterprise accounts. If you are a hard-working, humble, people-smart, and accountable high performer, apply here!

Delivery MKE

Presales Architect

As a Presales Architect at Penrod, you're the linchpin between our innovative Salesforce solutions and the complex needs of healthcare clients. You'll be the trusted advisor, guiding our sales team in understanding and selling our services to this specialized market. Your role is pivotal in ensuring that what we promise aligns seamlessly wi