Broker Community Webinar: Transform the way your brokers do business!

Tuesday, September 13 @ 12 PM CST

Join Natalie Ribarchek on Tuesday, September 13 at 12:00 CST as she showcases a Community Broker Portal project she managed from start to finish. Register below to secure your spot.

Through this webinar you will have the opportunity to learn how we streamlined Delta Dental’s process to allow brokers to:

  • Create and manage prospects
  • Compare multiple plan designs simultaneously
  • Generate and prepare renewal quotes fast using "Instant Rate Generation"
  • Provide separate access for internal users, producing brokers and non-producing brokers
  • Compare quotes in the "Quote Comparison Matrix"

Meet the presenter!

As a senior Product Owner, Natalie has worked on some of the largest Delta Dental projects Penrod has been a part of. She has had the opportunity to learn directly from top Delta executives as well working alongside Penrod's best.

Date: Tuesday, September 13 @ 12 PM CST