Lacey Van Syckle

Lacey Van Syckle

Vice President, Delivery
What do you like most about working at Penrod?

It's hard for me to pick only one thing I like most about working at Penrod, so I'll give you two. First, the people - everyone is driven and passionate about their job, it really creates a sense of community. Second, the work - I have learned so much at Penrod and have had the opportunity to grow my skill sets as an employee which makes me excited to come to work every day.

What advice would you give to recent new hires?

Embrace the company culture and make it your goal to learn something new every day. We have a fast-paced company, but with the support and passion of your team you have all the tools to succeed in your career.

What’s your favorite travel experience and why?

When I was in college I studied in Rome for a summer. Through that experience I learned that my independence is empowering, my thirst for new experiences is unquenchable, and my love for pizza is everlasting.