Medical Device Sales Force Management
Companies implementing Salesforce report 25% more revenue on average.1

Penrod can help make it happen for you.

Boost Your


Automate sales, build awareness, and inspire brand loyalty.

  • Automate processes across the entire sales cycle Take intelligent action on opportunities at the right time with machine learning, automated activity capture, and scoring models.
  • Centralize data in one system Drive collaboration, automation, and governance by integrating ERP, inventory, and financial systems.
  • Drive faster and higher-value quotesIncrease contract value by improving accuracy, adding approval flows, and intelligent cross-selling for add-ons like disposables.
  • Unleash your distributers with self-service portals Help distributers sell more for you with intuitive portals for quoting, product specifications, and order history.
  • Gain Insight with advanced reportingMake smarter decisions with centralized data, artificial intelligence, targeted forecasting, and flexible dashboards.

Build amazing customer


Centralized tools that manage customers, data, and teams.

  • Deliver amazing customer service, anywhere One-stop account management with a 360-degree customer view, including demographics, history, product quality, and more. Accessible from anywhere, on any device.
  • Gain robust call center integration Reduce case times and improve experiences with live chat, SMS messaging, email, fax, and AI.
  • Integrate quality and product lifecycle managementImprove quality and ensure compliance with a validated framework for product, quality, and regulatory requirements.

Build loyalty and drive


Execute marketing campaigns that deliver ROI

  • Form meaningful relationshipsProvide engaging experiences at every stage of the customer's journey.
  • Hit home with personalized marketingEngage providers, distributers, and direct consumers with the right message, at the right time, on the devices they use.
Success Stories

Service Cloud Implementation Prepares Convergent Dental for Growth with Salesforce

Convergent Dental grew a successful business developing leading-edge dental technology, including the Solea CO2 laser. They were growing rapidly, but their software systems were not equipped to handle the transformation. Learn how Penrod solved pain points and crushed workflow inefficiencies with an amazing Service Cloud implementation.


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