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Why Penrod Obtained SOC2 Certification

Following the Trust Service Principles

Written by Matt Fiel

SOC2 is a framework of security measures that help enhance and maintain a high level of confidence in the reliability and safety of an organization's digital systems. An audit is conducted showing compliance with the Trust Service Principles, and organizations are advised on how to better comply to meet the needs of their clients.

Organizations that achieve SOC2 certification show their commitment to their clients' best interests and distinguish themselves as a trustworthy partner or vendor.

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What is SOC2?

Unlike some other necessary security framework protocols and certifications, SOC2 is unique in that the criteria are largely flexible. Organizations can examine their unique situation in the market and create custom solutions that help to promote the principles required by the SOC2 audit, and success is confirmed through an independent party.

Why Penrod Obtained SOC2 Certification

At Penrod, our organization is built on the understanding that when our clients partner with us, we can do amazing things to help move the healthcare and insurance industries forward. Our Salesforce solutions are valuable to our clients because you can count on them to work when you need them without compromising your cybersecurity. To further show our dedication to our clients and the five attributes of the Trust Service Principles, we obtained the SOC2 Certification.

This was a valuable venture for us because we are always looking for ways to enhance the trust our clients have in our services, and although it is not mandatory to obtain SOC2 Certification, it is an important opportunity for us to show our partners that we are committed to constantly improving and sustaining a high level of security in our organization.

What are the five Trust Service Principles, and how does SOC2 help us institute these values? We are excited to share these details with you!

1. Security

Maintaining a high level of security helps protect the data we are entrusted with from being breached. Unauthorized persons or software are blocked through our cybersecurity system from gaining access to sensitive material or accounts associated with our organization, so our clients know that their data is safe, and our systems are reliable.

2. Availability

Penrod’s services are useful to you because they are there when you need them. Our digital systems have protocols in place to ensure that our systems are accessible to clients and our employees. This means that your work with Penrod is always connected to a reliable network.

3. Processing Integrity

Our SOC2 certification verified that we not only have an effective plan in place to provide reliable service to our clients but also that our plan actually works in the real world. Our systems operate as intended, so you know what to expect when using our services.

 4. Confidentiality

Even within our organization, and certainly with sources outside our internal networks, we limit access to all information that is considered confidential. SOC2 promotes conscientious storage and use of personal data and helps us evaluate our protections.

5. Privacy

Hand in hand with prioritizing confidentiality, our commitment to privacy through SOC2 protocols helps us proactively guard against our clients and employees’ sensitive information being viewed or accessed by unauthorized users.

Working our way through the protocols we enacted as part of our SOC2 Certification was an excellent opportunity for us to find ways to be a more credible, safe, and secure partner with our valued clients. As always, we here at Penrod are excited to work with your organization and help keep the healthcare and insurance industries moving forward in ways that benefit everyone.

If you are ready to work with a partner that prioritizes the same things you do, schedule a Salesforce consultation today. We look forward to working together!

About The Author

Matt Fiel

EVP of Marketing

With over 15 years of experience in marketing strategy, web development, and creative design, I lead the marketing team at Penrod, a boutique Salesforce partner focused on the healthcare and life sciences industry. As a Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant, I have deep knowledge and skills in leveraging the platform to optimize marketing automation, lead generation, and customer engagement.

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