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Build on the CRM made for providers.

Acquire more patients, build loyalty, and empower collaboration across the entire care ecosystem with Salesforce Health Cloud, the leading healthcare CRM.

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Salesforce for healthcare.

Better outcomes across every function. One platform.

A single, cross-departmental platform powered by Salesforce, enabled by Penrod.

Patient Engagement

Become a trusted health advocate with timely, personalized communications

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Drive personalized outreach with robust population segmentation

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Patient Tracking

Track prospective patients through the funnel, from awareness, consideration, to decision across multiple channels

Patient Acquisition

Replace outdated processes with a high-performing referral engine that drives more patients

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Provider Relationship Management

Deliver a powerful digital experience that empowers your provider networks to refer more business

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Provider Onboarding

Accelerate time-to-revenue with automated processes that streamline the onboarding process

Provider Credentialing

Automate paperless credentialing with integrations to major certification authorities, including CAQH, NPPES NPI, SAM.gov, and more

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Advanced Therapy Management

Empower patients to easily schedule appointments across multiple locations

Care Management

Improve health outcomes by optimizing care delivery

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Patient Portal

Engage patients with a digital portal experience that earns loyalty, educates proactively, and improves healthcare outcomes

Call Center

Provide exceptional service, collaborate better with your healthcare partners, and become a trusted advocate

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Patient Acquisition

Acquire more patients with personalized outreach.

Patient expectations are increasing. Make your mark on the devices they're using with engaging campaigns.

  • Referral TrackingTrack physician sourced referrals, gain insight into the most promising sources, direct staff to focus across multiple devices
  • Patient TrackingTrack prospective patients through the funnel, from awareness, consideration, to decision across multiple channels - digital, website, or text.
Doctor and Patient
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Earn Loyalty

Build trust at every step of the healthcare journey.

Provide amazing service, collaborate better with your healthcare partners, and become a trusted advocate.

  • Shorten Case TimesGive healthcare agents the power to solve patient cases more quickly with intelligent routing, and smart recommendations on the devices they use
  • Enable Collaboration with Healthcare PartnersFill gaps in patient knowledge with insights into the patient’s full story that empowers collaboration between health providers
  • Create a 360° View of the PatientIntegrate systems to provide a single view of the patient
  • Become a Trusted Healthcare AdvocateAdd value by making proactive service, wellness, and healthcare recommendations with predictive intelligence, reducing readmissions and cost
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Centralize patient data for action.

Gain new insights, make new connections, and enable collaboration.

  • Inter-Department CollaborationVisualize the data that matters from ERP, LIMS, and financial systems in a single dashboard.
  • Mobile-ReadyAccess real-time data on the go.
  • HIPAA-CompliantOur healthcare experts understand the Salesforce HIPAA controls needed for compliance.
Medical Team
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  • Improve Care Delivery
  • Personalize Engagement
  • Centralize Patient Data
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