Prevent Claims from Being Denied

Preventing denials starts with intelligence.

  • Uncover Missing InfoEnsure claims are completed prior to submission
  • Discover Duplicate ClaimsEnsure the same claims aren't submitted multiple times
  • Reveal Coverage Issues Ensure patients are eligible for care before submission
  • Get Actionable Recommendations Resolve claim errors with actionable solutions
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Focus on the Claims that Matter

Improving denial management starts with prioritizing the right denials

  • Smart PrioritizationAutomatically prioritize denials based on their likelihood of overturn
  • Revenue FocusedKeep resources focused on activity that drives reimbursement and revenue
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Empower Patients to Pay Faster

  • Personalized Payment PlansGenerate best-fit payment plans that reduce collections
  • Tailored EngagementReach patients with personalized communications according to their preferences
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