Repeatable Success

Expert Configuration by a Healthcare Expert

High-scale ingestion captures and unifies data from anywhere

  • Full data source integration ensures real-time data unification across Salesforce and Marketing Cloud
  • Ingest data from any source, including clinical systems, social platforms, or marketing automation tools
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Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

360-Degree Transformation

A Tailored Data Model Built for Healthcare

  • Generate relevant insights about your patients, partners, or customers with a data model tailored to your business goals
  • Create an actionable 360° view of patients, partners, or customers by unifying data across multiple touch points, demographics, and more
  • Target patients, partners, or customers with personalized communications at scale with segmentations based on demographics, activity, and clinical data
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Training & Enablement

We'll Leave your Implementation in Good Hands

Empower your staff to make the most of Salesforce Data Cloud's rich feature set with training from Penrod's experts

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Continuous Innovation

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