Medical Inventory Scanning

Effortlessly scan trunk and consignment stock from a smartphone or barcode scanner

  • Better agent experiencesAgents are empowered to rectify inventory issues onsite, so hospital staff have quicker resolution without needing to contact support
  • Compliance friendlyThe field inventory management works offline or without a phone, ensuring you can excel even within the most strict provider compliance requirements
  • Less repetitive workBarcodes or RFID ensure consignment and trunk inventory is quickly accounted for without manual data entry
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Screenshot of medical device barcode scanning in Salesforce on a mobile phone
Screenshot of medical device Inventory summaries in Salesforce on a mobile phone

Detailed Inventory Summaries

Easily view stock levels, missing items, expired products, and more

  • Reduced costsAccurate inventory reconciliation reduces waste, inventory loss, and supply chain gaps
  • Increased revenueReduced costs, improved operational efficiencies, and data-driven improvements generate more revenue
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Remote Field Management, From Anywhere

Accurately reconcile items, request pickup, and update status

  • Ensure patient careRobust inventory management ensures vital inventory is always adequately stocked for patient needs
  • Automated workflowsDiverse communication channels like SMS, email, and voice ensure more productive support interactions
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Screenshot of Remote Field Management in Salesforce on a mobile phone

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