Case Study
How a Leading Health Care System Complied with the OCR Bulletin

Our client stands as one of the largest non-profit healthcare networks in its state, dedicated to delivering exceptional health services to a diverse community. What distinguishes it from its local competitors is a unique ambition: the challenge to exceed national standards in healthcare excellence.

In December 2022, the OCR ruling sent shockwaves through the healthcare industry, calling into question the use of third-party trackers that were integral to our client’s marketing strategies. This development introduced an entirely new challenge.

There were two options: get rid of the industry-standard web tracking platform Google Analytics or implement less powerful alternatives. Penrod suggested a third option – why not make Google Analytics HIPAA-compliant with the power of Salesforce?

Case Study
Reclaiming Ownership Over the Patient Journey

Our client is a non-profit mental health clinic seeking to help veterans and service members improve their quality of life. Their in-person and telehealth offerings tackle challenging issues many service members face, like depression, PTSD, grief, relationships, and anger.

Focused on convenient access, low wait times, and inclusivity, our client is on a mission to help its patients improve the quality of their lives without barriers to care. However, their main patient communications tool and manual processes was becoming internal barrier to post-treatment engagement.

Case Study
A Unified Patient Acquisition Strategy Across Disparate Affiliates

Our client provides top-tier mental healthcare tailored to the unique challenges of veterans and service members. They focus on breaking down barriers to care, including location, financial, and behavioral factors. Their convenient in-person and telehealth offerings treat depression, PTSD, grief, relationships, and anger.

However, our client recognized an internal bottleneck during patient intake. To expand access even further, they recognized the need for a dedicated patient acquisition and intake platform.

Case Study
Enhancing a Provider Portal with the Power of Automation, Visual Design, and Self-Service Options
Our client, a behavioral health company, is dedicated to connecting patients with mental healthcare. They collaborate with health plans to enhance network management, work with providers to innovate care plans, and assist members in improving behavioral health management.
Case Study
Making Google Analytics HIPAA Compliant with the Power of Salesforce
When our client, a vein restoration clinic with over 100 locations nationwide, was confronted with with the OCR ruling in late 2022, they had two options: either remove Google Analytics or implement an alternative web analytics platform at great expense. Penrod suggested a third option – why not make Google Analytics HIPAA compliant?
Case Study
Building a Better Patient Portal with Managed Services
In the fast-moving healthcare landscape, digital transformation isn't just a buzzword — it's crucial to drive efficiency, patient satisfaction, and better outcomes. Let’s explore how our client, a leading pediatric care provider, transformed their patient healthcare portal.
Case Study
Revolutionizing Healthcare Credentialing with Salesforce
In the complex, high-stakes world of mental health, efficiency isn’t just a competitive differentiator – it's a life-saving imperative. For our client, a premier mental health services provider operating across multiple states, onboarding new physicians for an expanding population of patients was hampered by an outdated, manual provider credentialing process.
Delta Dental of Arizona
Case Study
Modernizing a Digital Marketing Strategy with Member Segmentation
Delta Dental of Arizona (DDAZ) is a not-for-profit dental and vision service organization that provides coverage to over one million members in its home state. Focusing on integrity, service, collaboration, inclusion, and care, DDAZ is dedicated to its mission to create a better path to health and wellness.
Case Study
Automating Impactful Patient Journeys
Our client is a non-profit, independent community hospital that has been delivering high quality care for over a century. In order to build scalable patient journeys, they needed a way to automate engagement.
Case Study
How Penrod's Salesforce Managed Services Extends Capabilities
See how Penrod Managed Services provide seamless support, a focused approach, and consistent improvements at an international medical device company.
Sonora Quest Laboratories Logo
Case Study
Boosting Patient and Provider Engagement with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Sonora Quest is a leader in clinical laboratory testing in Arizona, performing more than 97 million diagnostic tests per year.
Awair logo
Case Study
Launching a Modern Business Platform in Just Three Weeks
Learn how Penrod helped Awair improve the lead management processes, develop a multi-channel lead referral system, and increase collaboration with our Salesforce Automation Accelerator
Starkey Logo
Case Study
Enabling National Service Processes & Sales Collaboration
See how Starkey, a leader in providing innovative hearing solutions, partnered with Penrod to bring their national service team onto the Salesforce platform, increasing visibility to sales and operational data and paving the way for global adoption
Case Study
A Platform for Provider Management
See how Penrod automated prior authorizations and streamlined processes with a cloud-based provider management platform built in Salesforce.
Case Study
A Single Platform for Clinical Trial Management
See how Penrod quickened recruitment, improved patient experience, and streamlined processes with a cloud-based clinical trial management platform built in Salesforce.
Case Study
Building Healthcare Communities with a Patient Engagement Portal
Penrod partnered with a large hospital system dedicated to the health and well-being of children everywhere. The hospital is ranked among the nation’s best in cardiology, cancer treatment, neonatology, and neurology programs
Case Study
Creating a 360° View of the Patient in a Centralized Platform
See how we improved patient onboarding with digital forms, created workflows to automate physician referrals, and unified data to provide a 360-degree view of the patient
Case Study
Aligning Sales and Marketing with a Centralized Platform
See how we aligned sales and marketing to unleash revenue potential
Case Study
Accelerating Growth with Centralized Data
See how we helped build a single source-of-truth with the power of Sales Cloud
Case Study
Improving Healthcare Experiences with a Member Engagement Platform
See how we helped engage members with a platform built on the power of Pardot
Case Study
Delivering Compassionate Care for Life-Saving Drug Trials
See how we helped put patients at the center of their healthcare experience
Case Study
Digitally Transforming a Paper-Based Certification Process
See how we transformed paper forms into user-friendly digital registration
Case Study
Integrating Leads, Inventory, and Cases in Salesforce
See how we built a platform that would manage complicated relationships between providers, patients, and distributors
Case Study
Centralizing Disparate Marketing Data with Salesforce Datorama
See how Datorama made our client’s marketing data unified, insightful, and actionable
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Case Study
Outgrowing a Homegrown Quoting Solution
See how Penrod built a platform that would scale with Lifestation's unprecedented growth.
Case Study
Revolutionizing the Patient Call Center Experience
See how Penrod transformed the call center experience at Fresenius
Case Study
Helping Defeat COVID-19 with Accessible Testing
See how Penrod is helping Daybreak fight against COVID-19 with convenient, reliable, and rapid testing
Case Study
Making a Complex Quoting Process Simple
See how Penrod enhanced Gilson's quoting process with Salesforce CPQ
Security Health Plan Logo
Case Study
Improving member experience
See how Penrod enhanced member experience at Security Health Plan with a Service Cloud implementation
Case Study
Enhancing Gilson’s Customer Service with Experience Cloud
See how Penrod enhanced Gilson's customer service with Salesforce Experience Cloud