Appeals and Grievances Management

The complaints, appeals, and grievances (CAG) management use case increases productivity, optimizes accuracy, builds member loyalty, and ensures compliance with the CMS.

Utilization Management

The utilization management use case guarantees the involvement of all parties - providers, payers, and members - in ensuring timely and appropriate treatment.

Provider Credentialing

When built on Salesforce, the provider credentialing use case creates a single source of truth across enrollment, contracting, credentialing, marketing, and sales.

Supply Chain Management

When built on Salesforce, the supply chain management use case streamlines order entry, optimizes clinical workflows, automates supply procurement, and ensures pricing consistency.

Provider Recruitment

When built on Salesforce, provider recruitment platforms accelerate time-to-revenue with automated processes to streamline identifying, recruiting, and contracting talent.

New Jersey Bill 332 Compliance

When using Salesforce and Marketing Cloud, healthcare companies in New Jersey can fulfill all the requirements of Bill 332.

Patient Acquisition

When built on Salesforce, patient acquisition and intake platforms can empower healthcare organizations to effortlessly track and manage all referrals and new patients from a single engagement platform.

Mammogram Scheduling

To encourage mammogram screenings and prioritize community health, it is crucial to focus on specific patient populations and tailor outreach tactics accordingly.

Holistic Patient Indexes

To optimize healthcare outcomes, it is imperative to proactively monitor patients using a combination of clinical and non-clinical factors. These factors seamlessly integrate to provide comprehensive insights into the patient, enabling the calculation of objectively-created risk scores.

HIPAA Compliant Web Tracking

The delicate balance between compliance and digital marketing strategies in the healthcare and life sciences industry is causing growing concern.

Patient Segmentation

Patient segmentation is critical for healthcare providers as it allows for personalized healthcare delivery, enhancing both the patient experience and health outcomes.

Support Center

Use Salesforce to deliver personalized patient and provider support experiences on a single platform.