Meet Penrod’s Newest Salesforce Pawject Manager

Penrod, a leading provider of custom-built Salesforce solutions, today announced that they have hired the first canine Salesforce professional in the consulting services industry to recognize National Pet Day.

The decision marks a milestone for canines in the technology community and begs the question – is a dog just man’s best friend, or can they become man’s best co-worker?

“We’ve always been dog friendly, but we wanted to push the boundaries of what that means to our workforce and community as a whole,” explained...

OASH to Allow Licensed Pharmacists to Issue COVID-19 Tests

Learn what the Health and Human Services announcement means for licensed pharmacists and the PREP Act.

A primary component of the Health and Human Services fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is widening the availability to testing. On April 8th, they recognized...

FDA Breakthrough Devices Program

Since the Innovation Pathway program initiated in 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has provided means to expedite its review process for groundbreaking products. While critics question how faster review cycles impact patient safety, one thing is clear…products approved under priority review suffer more quality issues.

More on that later. The latest incarnation of a priority review track is the Breakthrough Devices Program, the spiritual successor to the Expedited Access Pathway...