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Make Google Ads for Healthcare HIPAA Compliant

Stop worrying about non-compliance fines. Protect personal health information (PHI) and grow your healthcare business with Google Ads.

Google Ads for Healthcare
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Google Ads for Healthcare

Safeguard protected health information without sacrificing marketing power.

Penrod's customer data platform (CDP) empowers you to use the power of Google Ads for healthcare to grow your business.

Redact PHI

Safeguard protected healthcare information from non-compliant vendors like Google Ads

Retain Conversion Data

Continue using Google Ad's conversion data to identify users who converted on specific ads

Retarget Compliantly

Engage visitors with HIPAA-compliant retargeting journeys that won't share PHI

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Featured Resource

Navigating the Waters of HIPAA Compliance in Digital Marketing

This on-demand webinar helps you unlock the full potential of your healthcare marketing efforts while protecting patient privacy.

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HHS Compliant Ads

HHS recommends Customer Data Platforms for Compliant Ads

We check all the boxes of the latest OCR bulletin.

  • Signed BAAPenrod signs a BAA with you
  • De-Identified DataPenrod de-identifies sensitive PHI from your website visitors
  • No PHI DisclosurePenrod only sends de-identified data to Google Analytics

Questions and Answers

Google Ads is an advertising platform that helps businesses deliver ads to targeted audiences in order to create awareness, drive website traffic, and generate sales. Ad formats include text ads, images, or video, and appear on websites across the internet or in Google Search results.

Not out-of-the-box. Google won't sign a BAA with healthcare marketers, meaning they are not authorized to handle the PHI associated with ads when paired with the user identifiers they collect.

Not currently, and it's unlikely they will in the future. BAAs inherently limit data collection capabilities, and could subject Google to more regulation.

Yes. Google Ads for healthcare is only problematic because it pairs user identifiers with protected healthcare information. By preventing protected healthcare information from reaching Google's servers, conversion identifiers can be safely sent. This requires the configuration of a server side container and de-identification of potential PHI.

It depends on the complexity of your existing Google Ads campaigns. However, for simpler implementations, compliance can be reached in as little as two weeks.

No. The scope of the ruling in Texas only applies to instances where IP address is the only identifier. Google Ads collects several identifiers, including GLCID, WBRAID, GBRAID, and Session, that empower more accurate user identification. For more information, see our article that breaks down the AHA ruling.
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Get a Free Action Plan

Ready to make your Google Ads for Healthcare HIPAA compliant?

Leverage the power of Google Ads to grow your healthcare business without worrying about non-compliance fines.

In this meeting, you'll:

  • Get a HIPAA-compliance analysis of your current Google Ads
  • Get a Free HIPAA Compliance Action Plan for Google Ads

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