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Whether you’re researching, conducting clinical trials to empower doctors to make informed decisions, or forging a new path in the treatment of illness and disease, we wanna be your partner.

Face-to-face interactions with healthcare professionals are declining. And yet, the weight of understanding how patients respond to therapies rests on the shoulders of pharma reps. Our customized Salesforce solutions create authentic relationships to help you get to know - and keep - your healthcare providers and their patients. Our Salesforce platforms can be optimized to:


Build a patient & provider-centric strategy.


Lock in laser-focused referral tracking.


Eliminate paperwork with digital signing.

Patient Focused

Track patients through every step of their drug trial journey.


Empower patients & providers with self-service portals.

Success, Automated

Automate workflows & predict patient outcomes with AI.

Better Health & Business Outcomes


Innovate, grow revenue, engage customers, provide better support, and centralize data in a Salesforce platform tailored by Penrod for pharma.

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