Maintain and predict the right amount of vaccines, syringes, and PPE for your patient population

  • Reduce Waste, Avoid ExcessPrioritize inventory levels based on data-driven analysis of demand and supply
  • Visualize TrendsMake data-driven decisions with AI-enhanced dashboards that make inventory forecasts more accurate



Stop community spread with remote scheduling, pre-screening, and proof of vaccination through common digital credentialing standards

  • Remote SchedulingSimple, web-based forms take the guesswork out of how to schedule vaccine appointments
  • Pre-ScreeningEnable safer care with telehealth, allowing patients to be screened from the safety of their own homes
  • Proof of VaccinationBuild a safer community by granting proof of vaccination through common Digital Credentialing standards



Drive better vaccine outcomes in your community with automated, omni-channel communications that make complicated vaccine protocols easy

  • Vaccine Follow-upSimple, omni-channel messages ensure second doses are taken at the right time
  • Track Health OutcomesSurvey your patient population post-vaccination to monitor efficacy across populations
  • Communicate ProactivelyInform patients about potential recalls and trace adverse events



Train staff with robust learning tools that quickly get them up to speed and into the field

  • Create a Culture of LearningQuickly launch new educational experiences with pre-built e-learning templates
  • Make Learning FunMotivate staff with a gamifiied learning experience that includes points, badges, and more

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