The Guide to Salesforce Org Migrations

Given the focus on financial intricacies, brand development, and employee training during an acquisition or merger, the difficulty of migrating technical infrastructure can become an afterthought. However, a successful technical migration is vital to the long-term success of an acquisition or merger.

Med Dev Guide: Distributor Management

Like any other competitive business, medical device manufacturers must create compelling products and use resourcefulness and strategic planning to get them to buyers. Over time, the distribution networks for medical devices in the healthcare industry have gotten more concentrated. As providers, hospitals, medical device resellers, and other players consolidate, they have spawned more extensive and more sophisticated inventory management services.

Choosing a Salesforce Consultant: The 8 Things to Look For

In order to get the very most out of Salesforce, you’ll want to partner with a Salesforce consultant who understands your business needs and can help you reach your goals, be they training, customization, services, or a full implementation. Check out our guide for the eight things you should look for in a Salesforce partner.