State of the Pharma Call Center: Solving Provider Pain

Patients aren’t the only stakeholder with growing expectations for healthcare experiences. Provider satisfaction also depends on the quality of your support platform, staff, and referral options. Providers need rapid answers to their questions about dosage, side effects, and symptoms. Pharmacy call centers need to meet this demand in order to build provider relationships, ease burdens on pharmacy staff, and reduce operational costs.

State of the Pharma Call Center: Solving Patient Pain

If pharmacies fail to provide good support experiences, patients will look for other options, drive down satisfaction rates, and tarnish the brand. Being proactive about patient support earns trust, loyalty, and promoters. Today, virtual call centers are the best way to create a unified platform for a better patient service experience.

Medical Device CRM: The Key to Accelerating Sales with a Virtual Sales Model

Spreadsheets still have their place in the pharmaceutical digital workbench. They’re easy to use, accessible to most users, and cost-effective for simple data analysis. However, they’re terribly unsuited for anything dealing with patient management. Consider the data validation, security, sharing, and reporting issues alone.

How Successful Pharmaceuticals Market to Providers with Multiple Locations

The average American spends about $1,200 on drugs every year. For this reason alone, impactful marketing programs should be a top priority for any player in the pharmaceutical industry looking to get a piece of the pie. The trouble is, marketing drugs and medical devices to healthcare providers with multiple branches and locations, medical practitioners, labs, clinics, and other institutions is an uphill task. With so much medical spending these days, it pays to invest some time finding the right strategy to promote pharma products.

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