Customer Data Platforms: A Healthcare Perspective

Customer data platforms synthesize data and action, and they’re becoming needed parts of the typical healthcare tech stack. In this article, we outline the common challenges CDPs solve at healthcare companies.

Delivering Better Long-Term Care Outcomes with Salesforce

A stable healthcare system is an integral component of any thriving community. However, it is a vast ecosystem that has always been plagued with a myriad of challenges. In recent years, it has also become fast-evolving due to a combination of various factors. These include technological innovations, government regulations, and shifting patient expectations.

Healthcare Marketing Ideas for Clinics in 2021

Ask healthcare marketers which is more difficult, acquiring new patients or retaining existing patients, and you’ll likely find yourself with an even split. However, both groups are likely to agree that patient acquisition and retention are both equally important. The real question is: How can you reach the broadest patient audience and then keep them as loyal patients?

Patients are unique in almost every way. They have different healthcare needs, different communication preferences, and different levels of engagement. A question many healthcare marketers...

Pardot vs Marketing Cloud

The key differences you need to know between Pardot and Marketing Cloud, all in an easy-to-read chart.

These are two of my favorites. One is a reliable everyday sedan, and the other is an exotic sports car.One is In and Out, and...