Implementing an Engagement Platform

Sonora Quest partnered with Penrod to leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud in an effort to boost their engagement with patients and providers. Together we were tasked with implementing their initial digital marketing strategy and ditching disparate spreadsheets and processes to create a unified 360-view of a patient or provider from a single flexible platform.


Replacing a process that relied on manual processes and disparate spreadsheets


Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Personalized communications, faster engagement, and automated processes

The Solution

Patient Experience

Using Marketing Cloud - when a patient signs up for Sonora Quest portal access, their marketing journey starts. To ensure Sonora Quest is communicating the right messages to the right patient they developed different journeys in Marketing Cloud based on their attitudinal segmentation. Sonora Quest can now segment and send content to patients who are more proactive with their health by sharing the tools and tests available to them.

They can also communicate more effectively with patients who are more avoidant with their health, less likely to speak to their provider, or be proactive. This messaging can focus on encouragement and knowledge about the benefits, tests, and tools available to them in an effort to guide them on a path to becoming more proactive.

Provider Experience

Throughout our engagement, Sonora Quest was able to identify and overhaul business processes. After previously using Microsoft Outlook, and spreadsheets to manage provider relationships, Sonora Quest could now leverage data and marketing automation to track provider engagement and nurture those relationships. Sonora Quest consolidated 7 different spreadsheets and disparate processes down into a single engagement platform. Marketing Cloud has also allowed Sonora Quest to drive the adoption of Sonora Quest's provider portal, expanding its reach with providers. Providers are now onboarded into Sonora Quest's offerings and gain access to self-service resources much sooner with digital engagement than they could do manually. First touchpoints now happen in 2-3 days instead of 2-3 weeks.

Additionally, with the implementation of Marketing Cloud, Sonora is now able to survey clients and providers, which allows them to get the “voice of the customer” feedback to further target communications, enhance their offerings, and align business processes and goals.

The Results

Persona Driven Marketing

Meets patients where they are in their healthcare journey

Faster Engagement

Decreased time-to-engagement from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days

Client Conversions

Increased new client conversions to provider portal users


Eliminated manual tracking of providers in spreadsheets

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